Here's What Your Favorite China Pattern Says About Your Personality

Personality China Patterns
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There are things we do when we're young that simply cannot be undone. Plucking your eyebrows into oblivion during the Tweezer-geddon that was the 1990s? That wound is still fresh. (And the right brow has never been the same.) Picking your wedding china? Usually it's fine…unless it's not. We all have an aunt with crazy china. It's because she picked it right after her wedding cake tasting, on a sugar high that made bright red plates sound like a "bold move." Nonetheless we'd reckon most Southern ladies are confident in all of their china pattern choices. Herend, Spode, Wedgwood, and Lenox—we know what we like. Maybe you're into classic blue-and-white patterns, or perhaps something a touch more floral and fresh-feeling. You might prefer formal patterns, like a gold-trimmed Wedgwood situation. Or something to be used everyday, such as a monogrammed Lenox number. Now we can't know why or when or how you picked your china—unless inherited, of course—but we sure do like to surmise. Here's what your favorite china pattern says about your personality, according to a Southerner that's set to inherit Herend "Chinese Bouquet."

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Are You Traditional and Elegant, or Colorful and Unique?

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If You Love Spode 'Blue Italian'...

Spode Blue Italian

This little blue number has been one of the world's most popular china patterns for over 200 years. Yes, that's right. It's been a classic for literal centuries.

Who goes for this iconic blue pattern? Someone who isn't afraid to commit to a bold look. All-over blue isn't for the faint at heart, but this old-world design somehow fits in seamlessly with your family heirloom china cabinet.

For some, it might say that you're well-traveled and have an appreciation for fine culture—but without feeling ostentatious. For others, it's been in the family for decades. Doing Mama proud!

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If You Love Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses'...

Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’

If you're a sucker for plates covered in blooming sprays of colorful English roses, you know how to host a garden party or baby shower like nobody's business. Not to mention, you think everyone should hold themselves to the etiquette standard of the English royalty—but never, ever be called rigid.

Manners matter, you say, but should be invisible. This pattern possesses a charm that borderlines on fanciful, which is exactly what a royal might choose for the spring garden party...

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If You Love Spode 'Woodland'...

Spode 'Woodland'

You inherited this china, and you love every single piece. The charming woodland creatures, the rustic color palette, and the old Southern farmhouse flair—it's got born-and-bred Georgia girl written all over it.

You're a no-fuss sort of hostess that still gives a nod to tradition. Sure, you'll wear a Barbour jacket with the rest of them, but you have your Mama's pearls, too. (Bonus points if this china was used to serve Thanksgiving dinner at the family farm.)

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If You Love Mottahedeh 'Tobacco Leaf'...

Mottahedeh ‘Tobacco Leaf’
Neiman Marcus

Well aren't we quite the tastemaker? You love a stylish moment, even if that means eating a tomato sandwich or stack of pancakes right on your fine china—and on the salad plate, no less!

You're someone who will never apologize for liking statement earrings, red lipstick, or cheetah-print loafers. This colorful pattern is for those who aren't afraid to stand out.

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If You Love Lenox 'Federal Gold Monogram'...

Lenox Federal Gold Monogram

You're decidedly not royalty, and you prefer it that way. These simple plates suit the type of hostess that instantly makes people feel at ease. As in, your friends probably call you the "down-to-earth" one.

Nonetheless we're still Southern belles, aren't we? And a gold monogram just makes everything more dressy and personalized. These are the ladies who like to break out the china for more than just Christmas Eve dinner.

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If You Love Wedgwood 'Florentine'...

Wedgwood ‘Florentine’

Ladies who love this rather regal pattern have a flair for the grandiose. You don't think napkin rings and pressed tablecloths are outdated, but you're all about modernizing the setting with bright bouquets of fresh florals that you arranged yourself. (Why make someone else do something that you already do so well?)

It comes in a rich shade of turquoise blue, which keeps it from coming off too stuffy. This makes quite the Easter lunch china, which happens to be your specialty event.

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If You Love Herend 'Chinese Bouquet'...

Herend ‘Chinese Bouquet’
Neiman Marcus

You're the epitome of good taste. This pattern is somehow both simple and ornate at the same time, touting the perfect amount of je ne sais quoi. It can be dressed down or fancied up—and your favorite is decidedly the latter.

It comes in an array of stunning colors, but everyone knows bright coral (like Mama's signature Revlon Orange Flip lipstick) makes the most stylish statement. If you're throwing the party, better believe everyone is showing up dressed to the nines and with high expectations. You pull it off flawlessly. Of course.

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If You Love Portmeirion 'Botanical Garden'...

Portmeirion Botanical Garden

What sets this china pattern apart from the others (and henceforth sets you apart from the others!) is that it isn't matchy-matchy. Each plate is a talking point, and you're a fan of getting conversation going.

The vintage, slightly more casual vibe of this classic pattern also makes it incredibly versatile. You prefer to use your china everyday—because we all need a little dose of pretty to keep us going, hm?

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If You Love Missoni 'Zigzag'...

Missoni 'Zigzag'

"Wedgwood? Lenox? Herend?" There's nothing you love more than breaking out a china pattern that would get the church ladies in a tizzy. You prefer to do things your own way, even if that means more traditional types don't approve.

Use paper napkins on Thanksgiving? Sure. Wear a blush-colored wedding dress? Sounds fun. Talk back to Mama? Never. (Some lines aren't to be crossed.)

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If You Love Wedgwood 'Runnymede Blue'...

Wedgwood 'Runnymede Blue'

There aren't many patterns out there as traditional, historic, or elegant as this one, and that's why you love it. The navy rim exudes a regal air, while the clamshell design is a mark of Josiah Wedgwood himself (he had a fascination with mollusk shells).

For Southern belles living in Savannah or Charleston, this formal pattern with a nod to the coast is the perfect fit. It takes someone special to pull off this rare collection, but you do it with grace.

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If You Love Royal Copenhagen 'Blue Fluted Lace'...

Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Lace

Ah, blue and white—the ultimate china color combo. Ladies who love this classic pattern are sticklers for tradition and never let a fork stray too far left on the place setting. The devil's in the details, after all.

Your dinner parties are renowned, and you most likely sprung for the "Full Lace" design. More understated hosts might prefer the "Half Lace" or "Plain" counterparts. But that's neither here nor there—once a Blue Fluted Lace girl, always.

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