Dust bunnies beware!

Ceiling Fan
Credit: Paul McDougall/Getty Images

When it comes to dusting, it's hardly a coincidence that ceiling fans are among the most overlooked places in a home. Not only are they hard to get to (they're on the ceiling!) but many methods for cleaning them can send clouds of dust flying all over the room. Or even worse, into your hair.

Having had our fair share of ceiling fan fights, you can imagine how excited we were to learn about this brilliant hack courtesy of the Reddit. Recently bubbled up by our friends at Prevention, this super-simple trick has gone viral a few times—and we can see why.

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It started with a simple question a year ago. "What is the best cleaning tip you've ever received?" a user asked. The responses rolled in, but one in particular caught the eye (and imagination) of Reddit users.

"To clean ceiling fans, put a pillow case over the blades, and then slide them off—it'll pull the dust/debris back inside of the case," janeventure replied. "I personally just empty out the pillow case into the bin afterwards, and then wash it, and it's fine."

This hack saves money and your head from rogue dust bunnies. Sign us up!