Sleepy Newfoundland Puppy on Laundry
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My Mom Swears by These Dryer Sheets to Remove Pet Hair

They’re truly a game changer.
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I grew up in a house that always had multiple dogs, which means there was always a lot of pet hair hanging around. My parents started out as Lab and Golden lovers, but then they found the breed that's beloved by so many: Newfoundlands. There's nothing quite like the gentle giant nature of a Newfoundland, and once we got Angus – a goofy mass of black fur who'd rather have us chase him around the house than go into his crate – we were hooked.

Newfoundlands should really come with a warning before you decide to welcome them into your home: "Sweet, friendly giant, but beware of slobber and mounds of fur." No amount of vacuuming, dusting, grooming, and lint rolling can control the spread of a Newfoundland's never-ending coat.

I'd have to give my friends the "your clothes will be covered in dog hair when you leave my house" disclaimer before greeting them with two giant fluff balls by my side. Three sweet Newfoundlands later, my mom has finally figured out a way to control the dog hair.

bounce pet hair and lint guard
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BUY IT: $8.91;

Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard dryer sheets completely change the game when it comes to getting pet hair out of clothes. You just throw them in your dryer and they work their magic.

My mom was definitely hesitant at first: How much of a difference can a dryer sheet make? It turns out the difference is major, and she now buys them in bulk whenever they're in stock because other people have also caught onto their magic. You can even subscribe to repeat deliveries of the dryer sheets on Amazon, so you're never caught in a laundry pinch without them.

The dryer sheets are especially amazing for bed sheets, if your pet sleeps in the bed (my parents also have a Labrador Retriever who sleeps with them every night), or for blankets that may have become your furry friend's favorite sleeping spot.

We've said goodbye to the days of having lint rollers in every vehicle and every corner of the house, and hello to the freedom of wearing white clothes again – without worrying whether they'll be covered in black fur by the end of the day.

If a dryer sheet is what it takes for me to have a lovable Newfy in my home and fur-free clothes, then I'll buy them as often as necessary.