We don't mess around when it comes to our china. 

By Southern Living Editors
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Set a Colorful Table
Antique-style white wooden chargers and beaded-edge dinner plates play up the party's vintage look. They're topped with vibrant bird salad plates and blue paper boxes, which serve as both place cards and party favors. More Holiday Table Settings
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Southerners love china. It's fair to say that we are obsessive about china. Of course we have our complete sets, which include everything from the gravy boat to the sugar bowl, and then there are those one-of-a-kind finds that we scoop up at flea markets or antique shops. Some of us spent months—maybe even years—browsing wedding websites, pinning favorite patterns, and eyeing the ones selected by our bridal registering friends. The reactions? The fairly predictable: "That's gorgeous!" (While we're really thinking... "That too will be mine!" or "That's too plain/gaudy for my taste."). Some spend a lot of time making decisions on the colors (blue and white or just white), the patterns (stripes or florals), and the numbers (8 or 12 or 16). Then there are those who have the comfort of knowing they will have Mama's china–the set with the sentimental value and history. The pieces she broke out for holiday dinners, Sunday suppers, and probably your own bridal shower.

Regardless of whether your set is brand new or passed down, one thing is true: china must be handled with care. Protect it with your life. No matter how often you break out the fine stuff, you must store it properly. Just one cracked plate or chipped bowl will disrupt an entire set.

Our Home Editor is just as fanatical about storing china as she is about picking it, so she shared her favorite storing solution with us. Here's why you need this Quilted Storage Set in your life now:

Why we love it:

The material. The cotton, padded cushion quilting adds extra protection. The dividers, which are tucked inside, keep fragiles from clinking. (Yes, china pieces need space too.) Plus, it protects from dust and debris. It seems only fitting that attractive storage pieces chosen for holding our most prized possessions. These quilted pieces can be stashed in hutches, hard to reach cabinets, or buffets.

The numbers. One set can pack away 6 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, 6 bowls, 12 cups, 6 saucers, 2 platters. And it's just about $50.

WATCH: Enjoying Your Antique China

A little added trick that we swear by, too:

Mama taught us to add a piece of acid-free tissue paper in between layers to prevent discoloration. Guard those pieces so you can pass them down.