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It's no secret that it gets hotter in the South than chicken and dumplings just off the stovetop, and we're more privy to the ways of eluding sweat stains and makeup disasters than anyone else, sans maybe pageant girls. What becomes imperative—nay, the difference between life and us melting into a puddle of sweat—is air conditioning. Which is something, by the way, some places tend to be seriously lacking. 

Walking into somewhere with less-than-stellar air conditioning power is one of the greatest disappointments in life for anyone who knows summer in the South, especially if it's a place you're going to kick it for a while: the front porch, a vacation rental or hotel, your office cubicle, that weird room in your house that seems to always be at least 10 degrees hotter than the rest, your friend's wedding. You know, those kinds of places. 

That's where this best-selling portable air conditioner comes in—to save your upper lip from sweat just like the snazzy hand-held fans Southern ladies used way back when, only without having your wrist go sore. The Spantron Portable Air Conditioner Fan is compact, cordless, and here to cool you off, no matter your locale. 

Amazon Air Conditioner
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Ringing in at just $27, this tiny air conditioner pushes air out through two different fan speeds, ensuring an extra refreshing cool-down that uses a swamp cooling system, which is basically a water purifier that you can refill as many times as you want. Inside, there are two UV lights that work to make sure the air is clean and free of mold while the mini AC is in use. Talk about an aircon miracle. 

Never settle for a lukewarm room again, not even for an hour. This thing is so tiny you'll want to tote it everywhere, just in case. (And you might want to forward this to your mama and aunts, too. They curse the heat.) Shop it here! 

The heat might make Southerners a little bit crazy, but hey—it's really the humidity, right?