Anthropologie Floral Greeting Doormat

The Best Doormats to Nail That First Impression and Keep the Grime Out

No one wants to spend their life pushing a vacuum, after all.
By Marissa Wu
August 09, 2021
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Doormats can be an under-appreciated and under-rated home accessory. After all, they're not an exhilarating piece of wall art you just picked up from the new gallery in town nor a fun and novel kitchen gadget to play with. For goodness' sake, people wipe their dirty shoes on it. It's easy to let the doormat be an afterthought in the pursuit of flightier fancies. However, they play a crucial role in your guests' first impression of your abode, humble or not.

And, aside from that oh-so-important first impression, the best doormats have numerous other practicalities—they trap dirt and dust, dry little wet feet pitter-pattering from the backyard pool, and wipe muddy paws. That's just the start of it. Then there's balancing the functionality with style, because a run-of-the-mill flat, boring black doormat that doesn't even coordinate with your front door is no way to make that first impression at all.

Whether you're single, have a large family, are a passionate pet owner, or live in a region with wild weather, you're probably wondering a few things. What is the best doormat for cleaning shoes? Which is the best washable doormat? Or, you might be searching for the best doormat for dogs (those muddy paws, people!).

We found doormats made from recycled lobster rope, tire link doormats that one reviewer called "practically indestructible," the best ones for your pets and kids, and options for those of you looking for a good laugh or opportunity to flaunt your style. Here are the 14 best doormats you can find online, according to a mix of research into materials, situations, and reviews.

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KMAT Door Mat
Credit: Amazon

Best Overall Doormat: KMAT Door Mat


There are over 700 five-star reviews for this anti-slip, durable rubber doormat. It will resist fading and the raised pattern helps to schlep off dirt and moisture, drying quickly. Cleaning is a simple sweep, vacuum, or shake, and the waterproof rubber backing will prevent slips and leaks. For just under $14, this mat delivers.

Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormat
Credit: The New England Trading Company

Best Doormat for Sand: Wicked Good Lobster Rope Doormat


You might even say this doormat is wicked good. Made from recycled Maine lobster rope, this doormat is as sturdy as they come, kind to the environment, and easy to clean. If you're skeptical about the materials, know that in its past life, this rope tethered lobster traps out at sea, withstanding wind, sun, and waves. The weave of the material allows dirt and water to pass through, dries quickly, and is hefty—the mats are between seven and 10 pounds and an inch thick.

Mainstays Rubber Pin Doormat
Credit: Walmart

Best Budget-Friendly Doormat: Mainstays Rubber Pin Doormat


This no-frills, sensible doormat probably costs less than your morning coffee. All-black and all-rubber, it promises no slips and low maintenance—hose it down or shake it off.

LL Bean Everyspace Recycled Waterhog Doormat
Credit: L.L. Bean

Best Doormat for Everyday: L.L. Bean Everyspace Recycled Waterhog Doormat


The Waterhog mat belongs anywhere—front porch, mudroom, backdoor, inside, and out. It's quick-drying, mildew resistant, American-made, and effortlessly fuses practicality with good taste. The simple pattern comes in a variety of colors so that it fits in no matter where you put it. Buyers rave about its ability to catch even the finest dirt particles, low maintenance, and longevity.

Ubdyo Extra Durable Doormat
Credit: Amazon

Best Doormat for Cleaning Shoes: Ubdyo Extra Durable Door Mat


In a house with lots of little feet running in and out all day, this mat is built to withstand the muddiest shoes and most water-logged rainboots. Made of recycled rubber, this doormat dries quickly and the artificial grass surface ensures a thorough scrubbing away of dirt and debris. Over 2,800 five-star reviews praise its efficacy and durability, with excellent bristles, no shedding, and less cleaning. Ideal for an active family that loves spending time outdoors but doesn't want to track it all into the house.  

Sand and Stable Mariah Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat
Credit: Wayfair

Best Doormat for Small Spaces: Sand & Stable Mariah Non-Slip Outdoor Door Mat


Coming in at about 18 inches wide and 30 inches long, this little doormat is ideal for that first apartment, smaller (but no less charming) home, and other entryways and doors that may not be as grandiose but that you want to keep uncluttered. The simple rectangular design is elegant and ensures a great first impression as your guests step over the threshold.

Aoonby Indoor Doormat
Credit: Amazon

Best Washable Doormat: Aoonby Indoor Doormat


This doormat comes in five sizes that will fit in front of your door or run the length of your entryway. Buyers praise it for withstanding frequent machine washings and vacuuming while still looking brand-new. Other features: It doesn't shed; the neutral grey pattern fits just about anywhere; and everything from the extreme cement stain to everyday dirt don't stand a chance.  

Durable Corporation Durite Recycled Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat
Credit: Amazon

Most Durable Doormat: Durable Corporation Durite Recycled Tire-Link Outdoor Entrance Mat


It probably doesn't get sturdier than a tire-link doormat. This mat is Amazon's choice for heavy-duty outdoor mats and doubles as an anti-fatigue mat. Reviews hail it as the "best doormat ever" and able to withstand snow, salt, mud, and torrential rain. The mat also drains well thanks to its herringbone design, so no washing required. Pick it up, sweep away the debris, and replace. It will hold up to everything from your most enthusiastic pup to the withering heat of direct sun. Reviewers didn't call it "practically indestructible" for nothing!

The Black Moon Home Co. Welcome Mat
Credit: Etsy

Most Humorous Doormat: The Black Moon Home Co. Welcome Mat

BUY IT: From $36; ETSY.COM

Share your sense of humor with this relatable, personalized doormat. Though there are so many options when it comes to fun and showing off your personality, this is one universal chuckle we can all get behind. Behind the wheel, that is. Any guesses where?

Anthropologie Floral Greeting Doormat
Credit: Anthropologie

Best Floral Doormat: Anthropologie Floral Greeting Doormat


Lilly and Vera would agree that there's no such thing as too much floral! This cute doormat from Anthropologie hits just the spot with its cheerful floral motif and welcoming "hello." Made of natural coconut fibers, the mat will make itself right at home in the shade of your front porch or in the doorway of your apartment.

Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Original Dirty Dog Doormat
Credit: Amazon

Best Doormat for Dogs: Dog Gone Smart Pet Products Original Dirty Dog Doormat


Dirty paws have you following your pet around with a broom and vacuum? This doormat will (at least partly) help you solve the problem. Quick-drying thanks to microfibers and machine washable, this mat earns praise from pet owners for its great quality and ability to withstand everything that comes with having a furry friend, from the muddiest pawprints and wettest coats of fur to more than one type of unpleasant accident.

J&M Home Fashions Outdoor Half Round Doormat
Credit: Amazon

Best Doormat for Rain: Kempf Rubber Scroll Wrought Iron Door Mat


Few things are quite as terrible as a soggy, odoriferous doormat to welcome guests on a rainy winter afternoon. This doormat solves that problem, in addition to coming in an elegantly swirled wrought-iron pattern. The design's not just for show, though. It expertly drains water and traps debris, and since it's made entirely of recycled rubber, that means it won't be a soppy mess sitting at your front door. 

LuxStep Shower Mat
Credit: Amazon

Best Doormat for Pool Area: LuxStep Shower Mat


Don't be fooled by the product description; this shower mat will serve your pool area well. With its non-slip layer, the mat is secure even on the slick, chlorine-dappled cement. The loofah material means that the mat will stay well-drained and dry. Bonus? It's nice and soft. Set it by the back door so that everyone can dry their feet before stepping inside.

L.L. Bean Heavyweight Recycled Waterhog Doormat
Credit: L.L. Bean

Best Doormat for Water: L.L. Bean Heavyweight Recycled Waterhog Doormat


This commercial-grade doormat doesn't mess around: With a raised border that helps to contain water, it will hold up to one and half gallons per square yard. And, if it can withstand millions of visitors to L.L. Bean's store in the freezing Freeport, Maine, it'll handle the water where you are just fine.