The 7 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets for Sweat-Free Sleep—All Under $80

And most of them are on sale right now.

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Amazon weighted blankets
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Snuggling up with a weighted blanket can leave you with a sense of ease and calmness—not to mention a restful night's sleep. It's why so many people are turning to weighted blankets to relieve stress and anxiety at home. While they have many wonderful benefits, the blankets can trap heat, leaving you sweltering hot (especially during warmer months). Cue the cooling weighted blanket, which delivers all the comforting aspects without any of the sweat-inducing issues. Hot sleepers, you've met your match.

A cooling weighted blanket is filled with tiny beads that add a comfortable amount of density to create a relaxing sensation called deep pressure stimulation, according to the Sleep Foundation. The slight weight also increases serotonin hormone levels, which regulates your mood and contributes to that "happy" feeling, per the Hormone Health Network. Think of how you feel when you're being hugged by a loved one. Comforted and secure, right? With a cooling weighted blanket, you'll experience that same hug-like experience that "represents instantaneous relief," Georgy Olivieri, LMFT, MBA, MA, RADT-II, therapist at New Method Wellness tells Southern Living. "The use of the cooling weighted blanket offers reminiscent comfort, soothing, and security."

Additionally, snoozing with a cooling blanket can also improve your sleep quality, allowing you to sleep longer and deeper. Olivieri notes that there can be underlying symptoms of anxiety that can also affect your sleep (and your productivity), like worrying about a big work project or thinking about the pandemic. Waking up with 3 a.m. nerves is not ideal, but good news: Olivieri says that "with decreased anxiety, good sleep will likely follow," and covering with a cooling weighted blanket is one way to help.

How to Shop for a Cooling Weighted Blanket

When shopping for a cooling weighted blanket, there are a few things to consider, including the weight, fabric materials, and fill. Deanna Crosby, AMFT, LAADC, PsyD, clinical director at New Method Wellness, recommends using the following criteria:

  • Weight: Each person will experience deep pressure stimulation differently, which is why there are so many weights and sizes available. A good rule of thumb is to choose a weighted blanket that is 10 percent of your body weight. Getting one too heavy may feel constricting, whereas one that's too light won't deliver the same comforting effects.
  • Fabric: To ensure that you'll feel cool and comfortable while lying or sleeping under your weighted blanket, choose breathable materials. Crosby suggests getting a cooling weighted blanket made with bamboo, which is naturally moisture-wicking, making it perfect for the summer.
  • Fill: Even though you don't see the beads, the type in your blanket makes a big difference. Some are made with plastic and poly beads, but our experts suggest glass. Unlike plastic, glass beads do not retain heat and are hypoallergenic, too.

Ready to start shopping? Browse through this list of the best cooling weighted blankets—all under $80—that have expert-approved features and are loved by shoppers on Amazon.

Best Overall: Luna Cooling Weighted Blanket

Amazon weighted blankets
Courtesy of Amazon

Whether you're having trouble sleeping or are having a stressful day, the Luna Cooling Weighted Blanket is a top contender. The Amazon best-seller is made with naturally moisture-wicking bamboo that has "superb breathability" to keep you comfortably cool even in 80-degree weather. Plus, it has a really soft exterior that shoppers love and say gets softer every time you wash it.

And, yes, shoppers confirm you can put this in the washing machine as long as you stick to a gentle cycle. The duvet-style cooling weighted blanket also has eight ties that easily slip into a cover, and it's made with medical-grade glass beads that are sectioned off into pockets for even distribution. Because it ranges from 5 to 30 pounds, everyone in the family can experience the benefits of a weighted blanket, according to their preference.

BUY IT: $69.99 with coupon (orig. $89.99);

Best Value: Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket

Amazon weighted blankets
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Although weighted blankets can do you a whole lot of good, purchasing one can cost you a pretty penny. High-end options cost upwards of $100, but the Syrinx Cooling Weighted Blanket has all the expert-approved features outlined above for just $35. It's designed with six breathable layers for optimal cooling and weight distribution.

The tiny glass beads are encased into square pockets that cocoon your body and leave you feeling at ease as you drift off to sleep. The corners have small ties to slide it within a duvet, which reviewers suggest for easy cleaning. It also comes in various sizes to accommodate everything from a twin-size mattress to a king bed. Plus, the blanket is a little shorter than traditional options, which basically means it won't topple off the bed.

BUY IT: $34.99 with coupon (orig. $39.99);

Best Cotton: ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket

Amazon weighted blankets
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There's a reason why so many summer clothes are made with cotton: The material is breathable, lightweight, and soft. And that's exactly what you get with the cooling ZonLi Weighted Blanket. Ideal for warm summer days and nights, the weighted blanket is designed with several layers of calming goodness with a mix of cushioned padding, microfiber fill for even distribution, and glass beads. It's all encased in 100 percent cotton and has little ties that let you easily put it into the duvet you already have at home.

Although cotton isn't cool to the touch, what makes cotton appealing is its breathable texture that allows air to travel through and ability to soak up sweat, keeping you cooler than a traditional micro-fleece weighted blanket. Shoppers say the weighted blanket cools them down while making them feel secure and comfortable. One even says they "cannot fathom sleeping without it."

BUY IT: $39.99 with coupon (orig. $59.99);

Best Even Distribution: Bare Home Weighted Blanket

Amazon weighted blankets
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One of the worst feelings is covering with a cooling weighted blanket and realizing only part of your body is reaping the benefits of deep pressure stimulation. That's why it's important to go with a well-designed weighted blanket that makes even weight distribution a priority—and shoppers took notice.

Unlike any other cooling weighted blanket on this list, the Bare Home weighted blanket has the smallest pocket compartments at 4 by 4 inches. This ensures that glass beads cover you from head to toe without bunching up in the corners. Reviewers who use the blanket come bedtime say the even weight actually puts them "right to sleep." The blanket can be used as is or in a duvet (it has several corner loops) and has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 seal of approval, which means it does not contain harmful substances.

BUY IT: $47.49 with coupon (orig. $57.99);

Best Bamboo: YnM Bamboo Weighted Blanket

Amazon weighted blankets
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Enjoy the cooling sensation of bamboo while relaxing with the YnM weighted blanket. Soft and cool to the touch, the bamboo weighted blanket naturally wicks away sweat and moisture, which is why reviewers who sleep hot or are experiencing menopause can't stop praising this pick. It's no wonder it has over 4,200 five-star ratings and is a best-seller on Amazon. The silky YnM cooling weighted blanket is the real deal for hot sleepers and warm-climate residents alike. Not only is it super breathable, it's also made with heat-resistant glass beads and is crafted with seven thin layers that are designed to conform to your body for some serious relaxation. It's available in 7- to 30-pound weights and comes in solid and fun patterns for adults and kids alike.

BUY IT: $64.90 with coupon (orig. $79.90);

Most Versatile: Degrees of Comfort Cooling Weighted Blanket

Amazon weighted blankets
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Looking for a weighted blanket that won't make you wake up in a puddle of sweat in the summer and keep you snuggly warm in the winter? It sounds like a tall order, but not with the Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket. The beloved weighted blanket, which has over 7,700 five-star ratings, comes with a plush and a cooling duvet cover that goes over the breathable weighted blanket to give you the best of both worlds (or should we say seasons). The soft Coolmax duvet cover is the star of the show for summer months. Designed with moisture-wicking properties, shoppers who sleep hot say the weighted blanket is "distinctly cooler" and gives them the "best sleep in decades." It's filled with sand-like nano ceramic beads that reviewers say is extremely quiet. (Read: You won't wake up from the noisey fills as you shift at night.) It comes in 14 weight options and three color options.

BUY IT: $38 with coupon (orig. $75.99);

Best Easy Clean: Soothe Lab Cooling Weighted Blanket

Amazon weighted blankets
Courtesy of Amazon

If you're looking for an option that's super easy to clean, consider the Soothe Lab Cooling Weighted Blanket. Unlike other options that are spot clean or hand-wash only, this "easy-to-clean" cooling weighted blanket can actually be tossed into the washing machine and then tumble dried on low similar to your favorite bedding.

Made with cooling bamboo, the weighted blanket has a soft exterior that's moisture absorbing and breathable. The glass beads are compartmentalized into small 5-inch pocket squares that reviewers credit for delivering even weight distribution as well as that coveted hugging sensation (a.k.a. deep pressure stimulation). Hot sleepers and those with hot flashes love its "cooling action," while others with anxiety simply call the weighted blanket "life changing." Best of all? According to the brand, it's machine washable and dryer safe as long as you tumble dry on low.

BUY IT: $43.80 (orig. $48.30);

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