The Best Comforter Sets, According to Our Editors

We tested Brooklinen, Eddie Bauer, The Company Store, and more. See how they compared.

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Courtesy of Dillard's

I grew up in a bed-in-a-bag household. When I visit my parent's home now, it's not uncommon for my mother to have purchased a new comforter set to freshen up my old room or another guest room in the house. A comforter set, or bed-in-a-bag, typically contains a comforter and matching shams. Deluxe sets will also include sheets, pillowcases, and sometimes a small decorative pillow, as well, so you can unpack the bag, make the bed, and enjoy new bedding immediately.

Buying a new comforter set is an easy way to change up the look of a room without having to do extensive research on materials or color-match shams to a comforter or quilt. Comforter sets are great for quickly preparing a guest room or for DIY and design enthusiasts who love to switch up their bedding. When shopping in-store, you might slip your hand in the bag to get a feel for the comforter's material, but you never really know what you're going to get until you get home and fully make the bed with your new bedding set. We went ahead and did that for you.

What to Look for in a Comforter Set

We chose the best comforter sets based on our testing, input from a textile expert, and essential customer details such as flexible return policies and the variety of sizes and colors offered. Whether you're searching for a beautiful guest room comforter set or one that will suit a teenager's tastes, there are a few things you should consider before you start shopping.


"The type of material you're looking for will depend on your body heat. Do you run hot or cold?" asks textile expert, quilter, weaver, and colorist Katie Wong. "Heavier piles like velvet aren't breathable, so if you run hot, you're going to want to find a more natural fabric like linen or cotton."

Wong also points out that some comforters can have synthetic cooling or temperature-regulating fabrics in place, but she prefers a lighter, more natural fabric.


Of course, you'll want to consider the price, but make sure you're not paying just for a brand name. Look at the materials listed on the packaging to assess the quality. "One hundred percent organic cotton sets will be more expensive because they take more water to produce," explains Wong. She says cheaper sets will likely contain a blend such as cotton and rayon.

What's Included

Traditionally, a comforter set includes a comforter, shams, sheets, and a pillowcase, but we found that it's more common now for comforter sets only to have three pieces: a comforter and two shams. Read the details to make sure you know what exactly will show up in your bed-in-a-bag.


The way a bedding set is made will affect how easy it is to maintain its look and feel. If you plan to sleep on it every night, look for a durable comforter that can survive multiple runs through the washing machine. Wong points out that some of the comforters we tested had very few stitches holding the inside filling in place, so it will surely gather and bunch up over time. A box stitch or baffle box style keeps the filling from migrating and gives a comforter a much fuller look.


Bedding labels often include fabric and manufacturing certifications, but there is one agreed-upon certification in the industry: Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. If a comforter has this label, it has been tested for both illegal substances and harmful chemicals.

You can also look for other certifications that are important to you, such as sustainability or fair-trade certifications.

How We Tested

Comforter Thickness
Courtesy of Erin Johnson

After researching popular and well-reviewed comforter sets, we rounded up 16 of them to test in our studio. Our testers made notes on quality, feel, and pillow sham fit, then wrapped themselves up in each comforter to look for construction issues and red flags like color bleeding, loose stitching, and uneven filling.

After evaluating our initial product set, we weren't 100 percent satisfied with our picks, so we ordered even more comforter sets for testing. We had testers take our favorite comforters home to nap, snuggle, or sleep under them and document the experience.

Read on for the best comforter sets, according to our testing.

Best Overall

Brooklinen Luxe Move-In Bundle

Brooklinen Luxe Move-In Bundle


What you'll love: This set includes everything you need for new bedding, but you can still customize the comforter weight and sheet material.
What you should know: Brooklinen has a 365-day return or exchange policy.
What's included: one comforter, two pillows, a duvet cover, top sheet, fitted sheet, and four pillowcases

At just under $500, the Brooklinen luxe move-in bundle might be a splurge, but it's worth it when you consider what you get. This was the only set we tested that includes everything you'd need to take a bare mattress from "just moved in" to "ready for a cozy night of sweet dreams." You can even customize the weight of the comforter, as well as the fill type (down or down alternative), and the pillows (down, down alternative, or memory foam).

While the luxe bundle comes with soft sateen sheets, the brand also offers a basic bundle that includes basic cotton sheets, and you can also upgrade to a linen or cashmere bundle.

Our testing team was impressed with the number of items and overall quality of this comforter set, and our at-home tester liked it
so much, she asked if she could keep it.

"The Brooklinen comforter is so plush. It has a significant amount of padding, so it feels luxurious and cozy, like a warm hug. ​​It's surprisingly light, considering how much cushion it has to it. It effectively traps warmth without making you overheat as time goes on, it's plusher than any other comforter I've ever used—and as someone who tends to turn myself into a human burrito when I sleep, plushness is an important factor."- Samantha Jones, Performance Content Writer

Best Budget

Bedsure Duvet Insert Comforter



What you'll love: The price is right for this cozy and comfortable comforter.
What you should know: The shams are more like pillowcases, and this set is eligible for Amazon's free returns.
What's included: One comforter and one or two pillowcases, depending on size. The twin comforter comes with one pillowcase, while other sizes come with two.

This basic comforter set was our favorite budget buy due to its comfiness, though we found it lacking in design and the number of items included. The polyester set comes in various light colors, including khaki, pink, and a light shade of green, and it can also double as a duvet insert.

Our textile expert didn't love the construction since it only has a few stitches to hold the filling in place, but noted that the surface was smooth like a quality fitness shirt. Still, it wasn't as soft as some of our other cotton comforter picks.

"The Bedsure comforter's fabric felt soft and warm on my face (which is important to me when I sleep and want to burrow down under the covers). It warmed me up without making me feel sweaty or suffocated." -Sabrina Rojas Weiss, Parenting and Lifestyle Editor

Best Quilted Set

Southern Living Westcott Floral Quilted Mini Set

Southern Living Westcott Floral Quilted Mini Set


What you'll love: This quilt has a worn-in softness and just the right amount of padding.
What you should know: It only comes in this one pattern and there are no certifications listed. Dillard's offers a 30-day return policy.
What's included: A quilt and two shams.

Though we were objective in our approach, this Southern Living bedding was the top-rated quilted comforter set we tested. The Dillard's Exclusive blue and white floral pattern exudes a welcoming charm, and the softness of the quilt feels perfectly worn-in (as a good quilt should). This set is 100 percent cotton, machine-washable, and comes in full/queen size or king. The padding feels appropriate for a quilt while still being light enough for a hot sleeper.

"I have a soft spot for quilts. They somehow strike the perfect balance of light and heavy, and they get softer with age. This Dillard's Southern Living quilt set felt cozy right out of the package and reminded me of an upgraded version of one of my grandmother's quilts. This set would look at home in any classic Southern bedroom."- Erin Johnson, Senior Product Reviews Writer

Best Build-Your-Own Set

West Elm Velvet and Tencel Build-Your-Own-Set

West Elm Velvet and Tencel Build-Your-Own-Set

West Elm

What you'll love: The Tencel sheets are soft and cooling, and you can customize your entire set.
What you should know: The inside of the quilt is stiff cotton while the outside is velvet, and West Elm has a 30-day return window.
What's included: You can choose to mix and match your sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover or quilt, and shams.

This West Elm set makes creating your bed-in-a-bag an easy and luxurious process. It leads you through each choice, including color, sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover or quilt, and shams–showing you the price for each add-on.

The Tencel fabric feels soft and cool, like bamboo sheets. Our tester commented that the sheets were the best part of this set, while the top of the velvet quilt felt much nicer than the stiff cotton inside layer.

"The West Elm comforter is warm without feeling suffocating, and the velvet-like appearance of the outside layer makes it attractive, and it catches the light in a flattering way. I wish the inside layer were a bit softer, but it's not a dealbreaker." - Maya Gandara, Beauty Writer

Best Guest Room Set

Southern Living Aurora Velvet Quilt Mini Set

Southern Living Aurora Velvet Quilt Mini Set


What you'll love: The look of the quilted velvet outside layer is stunning, and the inside of the quilt is soft to the touch.
What you should know: There are no certifications listed for this set. Dillard's has a 30-day return policy.
What's included: A quilt and two buttoned shams.

While we gave the West Elm velvet quilt set high marks, this Southern Living set stole our hearts. Velvet always makes a statement, though it's not practical for everyday use. For this reason, this set would be perfect in a guest room. It comes in a combined full/queen or king size in green, orange, blue, or silver.

This velvet quilt set is superior for two reasons. First, the shams have clever side buttons to keep even the fluffiest of pillows in place, and secondly, the inside layer of the velvet quilt is impossibly soft. The quilt has a slight linen feel, so while velvet normally keeps you warm, this layer balances it out, making the overall effect surprisingly lightweight and airy.

Best for Cold Sleepers

Eddie Bauer Willow Collection Reversible Plaid Comforter

Eddie Bauer Willow Collection Reversible Plaid Comforter


What you'll love: It's lightweight, fluffy, and reversible.
What you should know: While it's light, it traps warmth, so this wouldn't be an excellent choice for hot sleepers. You can return to Home Depot within 90 days.
What's included: One comforter and two shams.

Home Depot offers a variety of bed-in-a-bag options in twin, full/queen, and king sizes, but this Eddie Bauer plaid option caught our eye. The reverse side features white elk atop a gray background, so when your bedding is turned down, the pattern peeks out from underneath the sheets and pillows.

This was the most traditional bed-in-a-bag of all the comforter sets we tested because the comforter was very fluffy, and the shams worked well, but other than that, there weren't a lot of bells and whistles such as sheets or extra pillowcases. Our tester noted that it trapped heat more than the other lightweight options we reviewed. The set doesn't offer any certifications, but if that's not important to you, this is a great pattern with a fun design.

Best for Hot Sleepers

Southern Living Cambridge Embroidered Comforter Mini Set

Southern Living Cambridge Embroidered Comforter Mini Set


What you'll love: It's thin, lightweight, and beautifully embroidered.
What you should know: There are no certifications listed for this set. Dillard's offers a 30-day return policy.
What's included: One comforter and two shams

This comforter set is perfect for anyone searching for a lightweight option that's not a quilt or coverlet. It feels thin and light without feeling cheap, which is notable if you're a hot sleeper.

The blue embroidered detailing pops against the white cotton comforter, and the overall softness is just right for snuggling. It only comes in one pattern, but it's a classic style that would look lovely in any home.

Best for Toss-and-Turners

Lauren Ralph Lauren Gavin Stripe Comforter Set

Lauren Ralph Lauren Gavin Stripe 3 Pc. Comforter Set, King
Courtesy of Macy's

What you'll love: It's reversible, on the heavier side, and feels like you can burrow in it all day.
What you should know: It appears to be on sale often and is eligible for Macy's 90-day return policy.
What's included: One comforter and two shams with a zipper.

Lauren Ralph Lauren's extensive collection for Macy's offers 23 different comforter sets ranging from florals and paisley patterns to stripes and geometric shapes. This Oeko-Tex certified set is thoughtfully crafted with shams that zip up to securely hold in your pillows and a reversible comforter that's heavy enough to calm sleepers that toss and turn throughout the night.

While its original price of $420 seems steep for a three-piece comforter set, its usual sale price of $210 offers quality at a reasonable price. Blue stripes not your thing? Opt for this set in trendy earth tones or a peaceful floral comforter set instead.

Best for Kids

The Company Store Jersey Knit Comforter Set

The Company Store Jersey Knit Comforter Set

The Company Store

What you'll love: This comforter is marshmallowy-soft, comes in 14 colors, and feels like your favorite t-shirt.
What you should know: The stitching is not consistent on the corners. The Company Store has a 90-day return policy.
What's included: One comforter and one or two pillowcases, depending on size. The twin comforter comes with one pillowcase, while other sizes come with two.

Of all the comforters we tested, this was the softest. The jersey knit material feels nostalgic and immediately transported our testing team back to the comforts of being tucked into bed as a child. This set comes in various colors, from white to lavender to green, and sizes from twin to king. This comforter is tightly knit for added warmth, but it's light enough to keep you comfortable year-round.

The stitching on the corners turns in while the seam on the side does not, which creates an uneven look, though it's not likely your kids will even notice a stitch pattern.

"While most of the comforters we've looked at are woven, this is a knit. The filling feels more like pillow fill–it's so soft. Jersey is a desirable 'comfort fabric,' and it's stretchy, so that's a must. You don't get the buttery-rich feeling some comforters offer, but you get the comfort." - Katie Wong, Textile Expert, Quilt Weaver, and Colorist

Best for Teens

Urban Outfitters Washed Cotton Comforter Set

Washed Cotton Comforter Snooze Set
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

What you'll love: It comes in a tote bag so dorm move-in day can be a breeze, and the comforter is heavy, so it's great for calming anxious sleepers.
What you should know: There is no top sheet included, and the sheet coloring isn't a perfect match. The brand offers a 60-day return policy.
What's included: One comforter, one or two pillowcases depending on size ordered, a fitted sheet, and an over-the-shoulder bag that can be used to store the set.

This Urban Outfitters comforter set is so tailored to the tastes of Gen Z'ers that it doesn't even include a top sheet. It comes in an over-the-shoulder tote bag that you can use as a laundry or storage bag. The set is available in white, silver, teal, and gold.

Washed cotton usually means a comforter will be soft. Still, this one isn't particularly cuddly, and the sheets feel pretty stiff, so Wong recommends purchasing an additional sheet set that's a little softer on the skin (like jersey or light cotton) if you opt for this set.

Other Comforter Sets We Tested

These comforter sets didn't make our top ten, but depending on what you're looking for in a comforter set, one of them might be the right choice for you.

Vera Bradley Java Navy Scallop Quilt Set
This reversible quilt set from Vera Bradley caught our eye, but the quilt seemed to have less padding than their renowned bags. This set includes a machine-washable quilt and two shams, but it would take a lot of washes to get it to a desirable softness.
BUY IT: $109.99;

Bare Home 7-Piece Bedding Set
This set came with sheets, pillowcases, shams, and a comforter, but our textile expert pointed out that while the comforter has a nice weight to it, the sheets didn't feel soft to the touch, so you'd likely need to purchase a separate set of sheets that are better suited to your preferences.
BUY IT: Starting at $48.99;

Opalhouse x Jungalow Jungle Print Comforter & Sham Set
We love the ease and accessibility of a Target bed-in-a-bag, but while this pattern is stellar, the actual comforter felt thin and flimsy. If you're looking for a lightweight comforter, this could still be a good option.
BUY IT: Starting at $49;

Vera Wang 3-Piece Comforter Set
This three-piece comforter set looked so stunning in the bag, but when we took it out, we were disappointed to find that it felt and looked more like a mattress pad than a comforter. For the price, you can find better options.
BUY IT: Starting at $208.20;

Whim by Martha Stewart Seersucker Comforter Set
This comforter set is almost always on sale. It would be an adorable addition to a child's room, and we loved how lightweight it felt, but the seersucker style made it look wrinkled.
BUY IT: Starting at $62.99;

L.L. Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Comforter Collection
This flannel duvet cover is surprisingly light, super soft, and frankly, we loved it. Unfortunately, you have to purchase the shams separately to make it a set, which wasn't clear on the website. You'll also need to order a duvet insert if you don't already own one.
BUY IT: Starting at $109;

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