The 7 Best Christmas Tree Stands That Will Elevate Your Holiday Display

These top-rated stands won’t let you (or your tree) down.

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Christmas Tree Stand
Photo: Courtesy of Home Depot

Nothing kicks off the holiday season quite like putting up the Christmas tree. There's a common misconception that the ornaments are the most important component of the tree, when in fact, the real MVP is the Christmas tree stand. Without one, there would be no display!

Whether you have a real tree or an artificial one, a quality Christmas tree stand provides a sturdy base for your tree so it can stand tall and proud in your living room. And for evergreen fans, they ensure that your tree receives the proper watering to keep it healthy and vibrant. Below, explore Christmas tree stands that have received glowing reviews from Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot shoppers for their solid constructions, foolproof designs, and festive appearances.

The 7 Best Christmas Tree Stands of 2022

How to Pick the Right Christmas Tree Stand

If you've started your search for a new Christmas tree stand, you've probably realized that no two models are the same. Here are some important details to consider when shopping for a stand for your Christmas tree.

Tree Type and Size: Before you can buy a tree stand, you need to make sure it accommodates the type of tree you have. By doing so, you'll ensure that its design will suit the weight, height, and trunk diameter of your tree. Real trees weigh more than artificial trees and require a sturdier stand with a water reservoir, whereas faux Christmas trees have a thinner "trunk" diameter and will need a smaller standing base. Keeping the characteristics of your tree in mind, you'll want to pay close attention to the dimensions of your chosen stand so that your tree won't topple over and destroy your precious ornaments.

Material: There are a variety of tree stands on the market, each crafted from different materials that will determine their durability and effectiveness. Typically, popular Christmas tree stand materials include metal, wood, and plastic. Some combine the three, but many will find that heavy-duty materials like stainless steel will offer greater sturdiness and longer usage than their vinyl counterparts. The same goes for the blades that hold the trunk in place; the more robust the material, the more secure their hold will be.

Features: After establishing the basics, it's time to take a closer look at exactly what features your Christmas tree stand is equipped with. Real trees require a water reservoir, which you'll want to ensure is large enough based on tree size; some feature splash guards and drainage holes to prevent spills. If you've had negative experiences assembling a tree stand before, it may be time for a model that has a swivel, automatic-locking mechanism. And if you're worried that the ornaments, garland, and lights on the back of the tree are never on display, you can get a rotating Christmas tree stand to show them off. They typically come with built-in outlets, which come in handy when you've got several string lights to hang.

Now that you know what to look out for, keep scrolling to learn more about the Christmas tree stands that have won over real customers.

Best Overall: Krinner Tree Genie Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect For: Small trees, large trees, and for anyone looking for a stress-free stand

The Krinner Tree Genie Tree Stand is an Amazon best-seller that's streamlined, durable, and easy to install. The trunk is secured by five claws, which are held together by a steel cable that is designed to adapt to the shape of the trunk—whether it is thick, thin, or crooked—and distribute equal pressure. Once the tree is in position, all you need to do is step on the handy foot pedal to lock it into place. (Not sure if you inserted the tree correctly? This stand has a bell that rings once the tree has been set.)

Shoppers have their choice of three sizes to accommodate a variety of tree sizes. Medium holds trees up to 7 feet tall with diameters up to 4.7 inches, Large holds trees up to 8 feet tall with diameters up to 7 inches, and XX-Large holds trees up to 12 feet tall with diameters up to 7 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying: "We have used the screw-in base for decades for our tree. Every year getting the tree fitted properly into the base was a scream fest between me and my wife… I bought the Krinner stand after reading reviews on Amazon. So, we began the journey as usual, I set up the new Krinner stand, brought the tree in from the car, placed [the] end of tree in [the] stand, and with three steps on the stand lever we were done. I mean within 15 seconds done. I was in shock and amazed [at] how well this product works."

Best Budget: Handythings Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect For: Medium and large trees, and for pet owners

Featuring a classic screw-in design, the Handythings Christmas Tree Stand is a stable base that doesn't break the bank at under $50. The budget-friendly pick has five steel nuts, which get their metallic hue from corrosion-resistant zinc-dichromate, and a stabilizing spike to secure the trunk in place. The tree stand's water reservoir holds up to 1 gallon and features a splash guard to prevent messes. The two available sizes are Medium, which supports trees up to 8 feet tall with trunk diameters of 6 inches, and Large, which supports trees up to 10 feet tall with trunk diameters of 6.7 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying: "I have four cats and a dog and they were not able to knock over my tree on this stand. It held my tree perfectly without any issues and is made of good quality material with no issues for over a month while we had our tree up. For any cat owners who have had problems with their tree being knocked over this is the tree stand to get. All four of them couldn't knock this over!"

Most Decorative: Home Accents Holiday Gold Metal Rotating Tree Stand With Twinkly App Controlled RGB Lights

Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Home Depot

Perfect For: Medium and large artificial trees, and for adding more bling to your Christmas tree display

With its ornate detailing and festive gold color, this Home Accents rotating tree stand is an elegant finishing touch. Designed to accommodate trees up to 9 feet tall, the decorative tree stand best suits artificial trees weighing up to 120 pounds. Activate its rotating feature, which can be set to spin clockwise or counterclockwise, via its built-in power switch. It also has two sockets, in case you need an additional power source for your tree's lights.

What Reviewers Are Saying: "This year was the first year I could enjoy all of my ornaments! It even made it easier to wrap the garland around the tree. [It] was nice that it could accommodate any size tree."

Of course, a tree stand this stunning is bound to sell out. If the Home Accents Holiday Gold Metal Rotating Tree Stand is out of stock during your next Home Depot visit, this metallic Christmas tree collar from Wondershop will come in handy. It fits over your stand and adds instant cheer with its textured pattern and elegant golden sheen.

Best for Large Trees: Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect For: Live trees up to 12 feet tall with trunk diameters up to 7 inches

Featuring a holly-jolly color palette, the Jack-Post Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand is able to support large trees with its T-nut tipped eye bolt design and 1.7-gallon water reservoir. For added stability, it also has a steel spike base and budge-proof tubular steel legs. It's made of steel and ensures long-lasting use, hence its impressive 4.7-star rating from customers.

What Reviewers Are Saying: "The tree stands I have had in the past were flimsy and didn't balance the tree correctly or the bolts that are used to secure the tree didn't reach the trunk of the tree… Last year a friend of mine recommended this product and boy am I happy. From the minute I unpacked it, I could tell it was different. This thing is heavy and sturdy! My tree is over 7 feet tall and all I had to do was place it in the stand and secure it with the bolts that are the appropriate length and the thing hasn't moved since the day after Thanksgiving."

Best for Artificial Trees: National Tree Company Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect For: Artificial trees that are missing a stand, or if you misplaced the one your tree came with

While it's common for artificial trees to come with a stand, you may want to give yours an upgrade this season. The National Tree Company Christmas Tree Stand is available in five sizes, ranging from 16 inches wide to 36 inches wide, and accommodates a variety of tree heights and pole diameters. It features a foldable four-leg design that provides a sturdy base for your tree to stand tall throughout the season. Your faux tree's pole easily fits within the post and is locked into place with a thumbscrew, preventing a crooked display (the 32-inch and 36-inch models come with an adaptor insert to help secure thin tree poles).

What Reviewers Are Saying: "I recently purchased a 7-foot vintage aluminum Christmas that was missing its stand, so I bought this hoping it would do the trick. I was pleased that it not only fit the tree perfectly, it is also much sturdier and higher quality than the plastic tree stands that come with most artificial trees."

Best Rotating: Best Choice Products Rotating Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Amazon

Perfect For: Artificial trees that are dressed up in ornaments

Ensure every ornament's visibility this Christmas with this rotating stand from Best Choice Products. It rotates 360 degrees every 70 seconds, so every angle of your tree is on display, and is easily controlled with the push of a button, which can also turn your tree's lights on and off. This stand supports artificial trees up to 7.5 feet tall with pole diameters ranging from 0.9 to 1.25 inches and comes with three built-in outlets to simplify your lighting scheme (and minimize the number of wires sticking out from under the tree).

What Reviewers Are Saying: "I love this tree turntable! I am leaving my tree up all year [and] decorate for all the holidays and this turntable makes putting on and taking off ornaments so easy. Also it took less than five minutes to assemble. Displaying my tree is so much better with it and I have it on all the time. I only wish I had gotten one sooner… Great value!"

Easiest to Set Up: St. Nick's Choice Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas Tree Stand
Courtesy of Walmart

Perfect For: Tall trees, and for anyone that loathes putting up the tree

This swivel Christmas tree stand from St. Nick's Choice eliminates the stress of setting up the tree with its convenient design. Just clamp the trunk into the receptacle using the stand's heavy-duty bolts, raise it into its locked upright position with the foot pedal, and swivel it straight. It holds trees up to 10 feet tall with trunk diameters up to 4.75 inches. And while no one looks forward to taking down their Christmas tree, this stand facilitates your end-of-season tidying up with its smart water reservoir, which features drain slots to minimize spills and messes. The St. Nick's Choice Christmas Tree Stand has an impressive 4.9-star average customer rating from Walmart shoppers.

If the St. Nick's Choice stand is out of stock, reviewers have also had speedy success with the Black+Decker Smart Stand, which is about $60 on Amazon.

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