Grease Splatter Screen for Frying Pan 11.5 Inch
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Say Goodbye to Grease Stains and Hot Oil Splashes With This $16 Splatter Screen

Amazon shoppers can’t stop praising it.
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It's no secret that a lot of us have channeled our inner chefs for the past year at home. If you've gotten creative in the kitchen—and sometimes so creative that you've burned yourself or stained your clothing in the process—you're not alone. While cooking is often fun, and even therapeutic to some, it does get messy. 

What if we told you there was a $16 way to stop worrying about those pesky stains and hot oil splashes? Well, we've got good news for you: The BergKoch Splatter Screen from Amazon is quite literally your saving grace. 

With nearly 18,000 global ratings, this splatter screen has found a home in plenty of kitchens around the world. The mesh screen sits comfortably above an 11.5-inch pan, meaning it also works for any pan, pot, and skillet that's 11 inches or smaller. Because of the mesh design, it can double as a strainer, steamer, and cooling rack. 

Perhaps the number one reason people actually buy the splatter screen is for safety reasons. Ending up with a burn on your hands, arms, or face as a result of cooking is the last thing that anyone wants. Yet, cooking with oil makes the risk of being scorched a very real possibility. The BergKoch Splatter Screen is designed to stop 99 percent of splashes while cooking, so  it's nearly impossible for anything to touch your skin. 

Because there's close-to-zero splashing, you'll also spend a lot less time cleaning your stove and the surrounding areas after cooking. Customers are particularly impressed by how easy it is to rinse and clean up your cooking surface, no matter which vessel is used. 

You also don't have to worry about touching a hot handle, because the splatter screen is made with a heat-resistant plastic holder that stays cool to the touch. Say goodbye to oven mitts and potholders, making your cooking sessions hassle-free. 

One happy customer wrote, "It's well put together, feels very sturdy, and best of all, it keeps the food from splattering grease all over my stove." Another noted, "It fits my 10.25 lodge cast iron nicely, has bumps on the edge so you can rest it without contaminating it, and the handle has never been hot to the touch."

If you're ready to say goodbye to oil splatters and avoid possible burns, purchase the BergKoch Splatter Screen on Amazon for just $16.

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