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Even Self-Proclaimed Pillow Snobs Say These $35 Hotel-Quality Pillows Are the Best 'By Far'

They have a down-alternative fill that’s soft and supportive for all kinds of sleepers.
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Tossing and turning at night is natural, but if you do it so often you can't get a wink of sleep, it's time to upgrade your bedding. One easy and affordable way to get some quality sleep is with a comfortable and supportive pillow, and the Viewstar Down Alternative Hotel-Quality Pillows are a popular option shoppers say are the "biggest, fluffiest, softest pillows" they own. You can get a set of two for $35.  

Unlike traditional feather pillows, these down alternatives deliver that "hotel-quality" plushness you're looking for without inciting a sneeze attack. Yes, these hypoallergenic pillows are totally worth the hype for allergy sufferers and self-proclaimed insomniacs alike. It's no wonder the Viewstar pillows have over 18,000 five-star ratings from shoppers who say they feel like "sleeping on clouds."

BUY IT: $34.99 with coupon (orig. $39.99);

The pillows are designed with a down-alternative fiber that's both supportive and soft. It's what makes them comfortable for all kinds of sleepers, including those who snooze on their back, side, and stomach.They also deliver all the support needed to keep your head up while cushioning the curves of your neck and spine. They're the reason why you'll end up sleeping way longer than you normally do. They're just that comfortable. 

The breathable pillows have a silky-soft case that feels nice on the skin. Some shoppers even say that it helps them stay cool at night, which is a plus for anyone living in the South. Designed with a gusseted side panel, the pillows are kept perfectly fluffy and resistant against sinking gaps after years of use. However, if they do start to flatten, reviewers say all you have to do is fluff them up and the "life just puffs right back into them."

You'll also love that these best-selling Amazon pillows are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means they've been tested for harmful chemicals and substances. Plus, the entire pillow is machine washable and can even be dried on low—because washing just the pillow sham is not going to cut it.

"I absolutely love these pillows! I am what you would call a 'pillow snob.' I like my pillows to be fluffy and soft but also firm and supportive," writes one Amazon shopper. "These pillows have been the best I have bought over the years by far! They're so soft and fluffy, but still solid and firm!"

"First of all, wow! These pillows are so comfortable!" writes another. "They are the most comfortable thing on my bed. My head sinks in and I feel like I'm laying on a billow of soft marshmallows; shortly after, [I'm] counting sheep. For someone who has struggled with insomnia and being on medication for sleep every night, these pillows really help and make a difference!"

To get the "best sleep ever," consider adding the Viewstar down-alternative pillows to your bed. At this great price, they can't be beat.