The new trend in guest rooms is a huge space saver.


When guests come to town, your home can feel like half the size. It is important to be a good host and that involves creating the cozy space. There is a perfect balance between welcoming, but not too comfortable. You don't want guests to get to at ease in your guest room and forget to leave. A new way to set up your guest bedroom? Bunk rooms! Bunk rooms don't have to mean bunk beds. You can easily creating a room to sleep multiple people by lining up twin beds. By stacking beds, you instantly create more space in tiny rooms, but it also can be a fun and inspiring environment for your guests. Keep things clean and simple so it doesn't feel like their childhood bedroom. If the room is larger, you can even add a seating area so guests have somewhere to lounge without entering to main spaces of the home. Pick some fun accessories that add some personality to the guest room. This isn't a room that gets used everyday so have fun with it! Here are the dos and don'ts for creating the perfect guest bunk room.


DO max out the number of single beds. A proper bunk room can sleep at least three guests, each with their own bed.

DON'T opt for double beds. Bunk rooms are for quick stays, not long vacations.


DO layer simple linens so guests are warm and comfortable.

DON'T splurge on bedding. Target and HomeGoods have good deals on twin sheet sets.

Bed Styles

DO select matching ones. Built-in bunks are the most efficient option.

DON'T fret if bunks are not possible. A row of twin beds makes a tidy statement.


DO commit to an airy and easy color palette, like blue and white.

DON'T choose busy patterns or dark colors. You want the space to feel as large as possible.