The history behind this may surprise you.

Pink Bathroom
Credit: George Gutenberg/Getty Images

If you're thinking of redesigning your bathroom, think pink.

While it may seem like an out-there color choice, the captivating hue has been gracing bathroom decor schemes for decades. As Apartment Therapy recently reported, pink bathrooms rose in popularity after World War II. "According to Pam Kueber of Retro Renovation and Save the Pink Bathrooms, approximately five million of the 20 million new homes built between 1946 and 1966 had a cotton candy pink bathroom," writes Marlen Komar in the piece.

The pink trend also grew with Dwight Eisenhower in office thanks to his wife Mamie who decorated the couple's living residence with so much pink, the media dubbed it "the pink palace." Fast forward to 2019 and America's love for mid-century modern coupled with the millennial pink craze has led to a resurgence in pink bathrooms — just type in "#pinkbathrooms" on Instagram.

Pretty gorgeous and dreamy for some, indeed, but we're not sure how the males in the household may feel about this rosy craze.

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What do you think of making pink the main color theme in your bathroom? Are you all aboard or hopping on the express train to Neutrals Land?