This Self-Cleaning Shower Head Fixed My Low Water Pressure In Seconds

A simple hack for the best shower ever.

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Speakman Shower Head
Photo: Courtesy Speakman

Your daily shower is supposed to be a small break from the day’s busy schedule, perfect for resetting your mind, body, and soul—hey, why not?—with just a wash of warm water. That is, unless your water pressure is about as weak as my willpower around a salty basket of hot French fries just out of the fryer. Water pressure makes all the difference between an enjoyable shower experience and one that takes about ten extra minutes to wash out your shampoo.

And while most people chalk it up to a problem with their plumbing, the issue is typically something way more easily fixed: the shower head. Not only do many basic shower heads fail to amplify your water pressure before spraying out a sorry excuse for a trickle, but they can also fall prey to mineral build-up that ends up clogging and weakening your water pressure even further. (For tips on how to clean your existing shower head, see this tutorial.) If you never want to worry about either of those common problems, it’s time to invest in the most dependable shower head on the market. A Speakman.

Speakman, a company that’s been around since 1869, is known for making the best products to take your shower from fine to spa-worthy. And nothing is more raved about than the Speakman Icon S-2252 Shower Head, which fixed all my wimpy shower woes as fast as it takes to switch out the shower heads. Which is only about a minute, tops.

What makes it so much better than most shower heads out there comes down to a couple things, starting with the fact that it’s basically made for low-pressure showers. Using something called "patented plunger technology," the shower head jets out 48 high-pressure streams up to 2.5 gallons per minute. (Apparently that’s a big deal in the shower game.) More still, those nozzles are self-cleaning to ensure you don’t have to worry about mineral build-up. Win-win. No cleaning time needed.

While Speakman shower heads are a touch pricier than others you’ll find on the aisle, the supreme quality outweighs the price. (Just ask the over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon alone.) There are also more affordable options than the signature Speakman that you can try out for different desires, such as more spray options. Shop the signature shower head here and the brand's more affordable option here.

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So for those thinking it’s not the shower, it’s the water pressure: You’re probably wrong. Sorry, sis.

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