2022 Bathroom Trends That'll Give Your Year a Fresh Start

New year, new bathroom.

As the holidays fly by and we welcome guests into our homes, it's inevitable that the bathroom will be an often-used part of the house. If you're thinking that your bathrooms might need a little refresh before the wave of relatives and friends next year, here are the 2022 bathroom trends to consider—all according to the experts.

The latest bathroom trends welcome features like open concept showers and bold tubs—kiss those all-white sinks goodbye. Bathroom tile trends are also taking a turn in favor of larger shapes, and bathroom storage is getting a makeover, too.

Rethink Your Shower Experience

According to Joseph A. Tsedaka, Principal at NOMI, the double shower is a must. "We often recommend double showers with rain heads, hand-held features, and multiple faucets to create a truly relaxing experience," he says. Tsedaka also suggests adding a body sprayer, which accommodates everyone's height. No more crouching under the too-short shower head or struggling to reach it.

However, when designing your shower, take note: "A mistake people make in their bathrooms includes installing their shower heads too far from each other," Tsedaka continued. "A good rule of thumb would be to position them roughly on foot away from one another."

2022 bathroom trends
House of One/Mike Ruiz

Brittany Farinas of House of One Interior Design also makes the case for a non-traditional shower. "I see open concept showers playing a big role in design as well as exploring the idea of incorporating a bold pigmented tub. Whether it's a gorgeous shade of taupe or sage green, I think a colored tub is an amazing way to make a statement in a bathroom," she said. "I see white sinks and tubs slowly declining in design. Nowadays there are so many innovative and creative options to choose from."

Go Bold With Color

"Dark bathroom palettes with colors such as charcoal are on the horizon," Tsedaka shared. "If you include speakers this often creates a tonal look, which is very sleek and clean and results in minimal distractions so you can relax. If you're looking for something lighter, both marble and stone are beautiful and often we match that same stone in the countertop so it's uniform."

Farinas concurs, sharing that she has seen an uptick in demand for more organic materials.

2022 bathroom trends

"I'm seeing natural stone being celebrated more in bathroom designs, especially in a scenario where one stone is selected for multiple applications in the same area (for example, floor and walls)," Farinas noted. But if neutrals aren't your jam, there are other options, too. "Mixing metals has been a big trend lately," she continued. "I think people will be less afraid to do this in their own home—I'm personally a huge fan of this trend. Beautiful compositions come out of taking risks."

Incorporate Technology

As an inseparable component of our everyday lives, it's no surprise that technology finds its way into the bathroom, too.

"Another popular addition is adding technology where everything can be controlled from your phone or an iPad on the wall," Tsedaka said.

If you do incorporate technology, just remember: waterproof, waterproof, waterproof.

Try New Materials

Don't settle for run-of-the mill. Old-fashioned design materials are making a comeback with a contemporary spin of their own.

"Terrazzo has clearly seen a massive boom," shared Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors. "Updated and modernized versions of the retro material are finding their way into every designer collection. While some may have already got on the terrazzo train and left, I, for one, keep finding captivating ways to use the organic material."

Another material that Thomas recommends is the large-format wall tile. Besides making a statement, they infuse a little practicality, too.

"Often seen in commercial spaces and high-rise penthouses, large-format wall tiles are making their way to the suburbs," Thomas revealed. "With one sheet of tile stretching up to 10 feet tall and five feet wide, homeowners are loving the low maintenance, minimal grout, wall tile solution. It is easy to maintain, can mimic every look from concrete to marble, and oozes luxury for a reasonable price per square."

Re-Think Shower Storage

With all the moisture around, the shower cubby can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which is never fun to clean. Opt for storage that reduces water pooling and drains or dries well.

2022 bathroom trends

"The built-in shower cubby is becoming less and less of a must-have," Thomas said. "To me, it is a mildew collector and design complicator. I would prefer a beautiful teak bench (and can even get on board with a built-in bench) to place products on as well as provide seating. I like to make sure that the bathrooms I design limit all 'icky factor,' and the shower cubby is the first thing on my design chopping block."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a realistic budget for a bathroom remodel?

    According to remodelingcosts.org, the average cost of basic bathroom remodels is between $10,500 and $25,500. Prices fluctuate based on square footage, quality of materials, cabinetry, and fixtures.

  • What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?

    Bathroom remodels are expensive when you need to change the room's layout. Changing the layout requires moving plumbing, electricity, walls, and fixtures.

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