Goodbye, White: This Bold Bathroom Trend Is Back In Style for 2022

New year, fun makeovers.

Bathrooms are constantly going through one design renaissance after another, faster than Michaelangelo could have grabbed his paintbrush. From the Pepto Bismol-pink bathrooms of the 1950s to the green carpeted bathrooms of the 1980s, we've seen every shade of the color spectrum fluctuate in and out of style. And over the past decade, it's been all about bright white bathrooms. Clean, simple, and… safe.

Now, it seems people are feeling like going outside the current status quo and getting back to color. Perhaps, the pandemic has pushed us all to be a bit more bold (in design respects, at least) after two years of having to play it safe in many ways, or perhaps folks are just tired of looking at white-on-white every day. Regardless, we're seeing a resurgence of bathroom floors that are the opposite of ho-hum.

Say goodbye to white, because colorful bathroom tile is the home trend we're loving for 2022.

What makes this trend so fresh for 2022 is the feeling of committing to something that isn't the most neutral or expected option. It goes for both subtle solid tile colors and statement-making patterns.

There are many ways to update your bathroom even with colorful bathroom tile, including with décor, hardware, wallpaper, and towels—which means the fear of getting tired of it shouldn't keep anyone from making the jump. Clay Imports, based out of Austin, Texas, masters the look.

For something other than tile floor, bring the color to other unique places in the bathroom, such as the shower tile or the backsplash on the wall (seen above).

Or for those set on neutral, the trend can be captured through a geometric pattern to go with any style, seen above paired with an antique-inspired vanity.

2022 is not the year to go softly. Let's go big and bold.

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