The Space-Saving Trick for Creating More Storage in a Small Bathroom

Without giving up any square footage. 

Small Colorful Bathroom Crop

The bathroom is the place where many of our days begin and end. It's where we set ourselves up for success with a rigorous skin-care routine (including SPF) in the morning, and it's where we unwind with a hot bath and generous slather of retinol cream at night. Basically, it's a pretty important space in the house.

Having a small bathroom doesn't inhibit your self-care experience, but tweaks how you have to approach your routines, particularly in the case of storage. Small bathrooms, beyond being tight quarters for even just one person, are notoriously low on storage. Often, there is no room for drawers, cabinets, closets, or even baskets. So, how can you maximize small bathroom space without magically conjuring up built-in drawers or an endlessly-stuffable Mary Poppins toiletry tote? The answer is all around you.

Instead of trying to fill any available floor space with baskets and stand-alone drawers, head to the walls: floating shelves. Floating shelves are an easy DIY solution that increases storage in a small bathroom while saving space. You're able to display skin-care and makeup products, extra cleaning supplies, washcloths, decorative items, and more in a previously underused area. You don't miss out on any legroom or square footage, and it's a cost-efficient way to change your storage space with very little hassle or effort required.

Luckily, there are many floating shelves out there that come complete with quick instructions and all the necessary hardware, allowing shoppers to DIY their bathroom easily into a more useful room with ample counter space.

Shop our favorite highly-reviewed floating shelves below.

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For Farmhouse Lovers

Best Floating Shelves for Bathroom

Can you really beat rustic wood with dark accents? Joanna Gaines can give us all the answer to that. This set of three multi-sized floating shelves can be arranged in different ways on the wall, from stacked to more horizontally layered. Choose from nine different color combinations.

BUY IT: $19.99;

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For Modern Aesthetic

Best Floating Shelves for Bathroom

If you prefer something contemporary and chic, this set of two floating shelves is finished with thin metal framing, as well as a towel rack on the bottom for extra storage capability. Choose from five color options.

BUY IT: $24.99;

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For Clean and Classic

Best Floating Shelves for Bathroom

This set of smooth, matte-finish floating shelves look barely there on your wall, making an ideal choice when you don't want to make a big statement but desire more counter space. Choose from white or black.

BUY IT: $28.89;

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