Homeowners get tired of the same old scene, so keep your house fresh for less with three easy and affordable home improvement ideas.

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Every homeowner eventually gets tired of the same old scene. Upgrades keep a house fresh, but our wallets can't always bear that burden. Here are three basic home improvements for when you're ready to liven things up.

First, say goodbye to dated and stained carpeted stairs. Carpeted stairs can get old fast. Tear up that rug and show off the glorious wood underneath! Sand, prime, and paint your newly-uncovered staircase. Then give it a clean look by installing an inexpensive runner or purchase a set of stair treads (like this one from Amazon that's only $20).

Ready to refresh your kitchen? Upgrade the cabinets with a simple paint job. A couple of coats in a lighter color could brighten up the room, or you could try out the latest trend and go for a moody, deep shade. Give your old storage space a modern flair by replacing the handles with sleek stainless steel ones for $2 to $3 each.

Finally, a mirror makeover is a super simple way to transform any boring bathroom. Simply add a frame around it to liven up your space. Use spare wood and extra paint to create a border sure to make your reflection even more pleasing. A DIY mirror project like this will only cost around 40 bucks.

See? Freshening up your home is easier than ever with these home improvements for less than $100.