By Melissa Locker
Texas Builder Home Model
Credit: Dave Shafer/Getty Images

Texas, as anyone knows, is a big state. Until Alaska came around, it was the biggest state in the Union, and its largeness extends to its football fandom, its homecoming corsages, squirrel statues, and yes, occasionally, the hairstyles favored by its residents. While the state is no longer the biggest in the country, its houses still reign supreme.

Over the years, the American homes have been getting larger with the average single-family house growing from 1,525 square feet in 1973 to today's average of 2,412 square feet, the New York Times reports. And which state has the largest homes? Texas, of course.

A new report from Lending Tree ranked the 45 largest American cities by median home size, and Houston came out at the top of the list. The study, which looked at new construction and existing housing stock, used information from public tax records; deed, mortgage and foreclosure records; and the company's proprietary data. Houston with its average home clocking in at 1,952 square feet had the largest average house size in the country. Two other Texas cities managed to make it into the Top 5, too, thanks to the floor plans of their homes: Dallas, with 1,861 square foot average, and Austin, with 1,861 square feet.

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Other Southern cities helped round out the list with Atlanta (1,914 square feet on average), Raleigh, N.C. (1, 795 square feet), and Orlando, Fla. (1,758 square feet) all in the Top 10. Look a little further down the list and Nashville, Charlotte, Richmond, Miami, Virginia Beach, and San Antonio prove that bigger is better when it comes to average home size.

Lending Tree suggests that Texas's dominance in the home department may be thanks to the state's population boom. The Lone Star state has been steadily adding new residents, and now Texas sits atop another list as the state with the nation's largest annual population growth between 2010 and 2016. Hopefully they all like barbecue, football, and Friday Night Lights and if not, they soon will.