A-Frame House Plans for Dreamy Weekend Getaways

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Picture this: You're relaxing in a comfortable chair on a breezy porch that overlooks a breathtaking view of a vacation destination. Whether you imagine yourself tucked away in the mountains, perched beside a peaceful lake, or settled on a sandy beach, a versatile A-frame home offers a unique way to experience your desired destination. In its simplest form, an A-frame house is shaped like an equilateral triangle. Its style can range from rustic to modern. The front and back walls of the structure usually have tall windows that allow natural light to pour inside and offer prime views of the surrounding area. These minimalist yet cozy homes are intended for recreation and relaxation, and they can be built in warm or cold climates. Inside, you'll usually find a sleeping loft and an airy open floor plan. These pyramid-shaped structures are usually built on a raised platform (with a porch, of course) for taking in the view. Here, five of our favorite A-frame and A-frame-inspired house plans for laidback living.

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Contemporary Cottage, Plan #103

William Moore

Here's a modern mountain escape we'd like to call home. This plan, designed for hillside lots, offers an open floor plan with two spacious decks. We'd turn the unfinished lower level into an additional living area.

Three bedrooms, three baths

1,866 square feet

See plan: Contemporary Cottage (SL-103)

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Small House-Special Appeal, Plan #132

David Wagner

This charming chalet lives much larger than its 1,422-square-foot footprint thanks to a large open-air viewing deck and vaulted ceilings. A full window wall lets natural light flood the living/dining areas while delivering scenic vistas.

Two bedrooms, two baths

1,422 square feet

See plan: Small House-Special Appeal (SL-132)

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House and a Half, Plan #106

House and a Half
House and a Half

Set a couple of rockers out on the deck, and we'd move right in. A sunroom connects the main cottage with a separate half cottage, where weekend guests can have their own private retreat. The smaller indoor living area encourages homeowners to spend more time outside.

Two bedrooms, three baths

1,742 square feet

See plan: House and a Half (SL-106)

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Budget Beach House, Plan #102

Budget Beach House
Ron Ward

Go back to basics with a simple, straightforward cottage that's designed for indoor-outdoor living. The raised structure offers a bird's-eye view of the surrounding landscape from the wraparound screened porch. While originally created for coastal settings, this home could adapt to lake or mountain locales.

One bedroom, two baths

751 square feet

See plan: Budget Beach House (SL-102)

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Shoreline Cottage, Plan #490

Shoreline Cottage
Southern Living

This weekend getaway captures the view from all sides thanks to its tall windows. Architect Geoffrey Prentiss designed this retreat to be livable and easy to maintain for a family, and his plan was inspired by old farm cabins and country cottages.

Three bedrooms, one bath

930 square feet

See plan: Shoreline Cottage (SL-490)

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