Outdoor Entertaining Essentials from Amazon

Throw an Epic Summer Party With These Outdoor Entertaining Must-Haves From Amazon

It’s time to up your hosting game.
By Marisa Spyker
June 11, 2021
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After a year of entertaining not much more than our housecats (Fluffy did not appreciate those homemade petit fours) we're all a little eager to dust off our hosting hats. And summer presents more than a few perfect opportunities. There's the 4th of July bash, the pool parties, the neighborhood potlucks, the playground picnics, the family reunions, and the countless dinner parties that last into the wee hours of the night. Whether you've thrown your first post-COVID bash or not, you may have taken stock of your entertaining accoutrement and found yourself falling short on a few things. Luckily, we scoured Amazon's outdoor entertaining section for their best deals on all your fresh-air party essentials. Here's all the gear you need to be the best host on the block (and some things you probably didn't know you needed).

Amazon Drink Dispenser
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Estilo Mason Jar Drink Dispensers

Whether you're serving citrus-infused water or big-batch mojitos, gallon-sized drink dispensers are must-haves at any party. Not only does it allow guests to serve themselves, it also keeps you from having to shake up another round every 30 minutes.

Buy it: $40; amazon.com

Amazon Outdoor String Lights
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Brightown Outdoor Globe String Lights

The instant mood setter for every post-sunset gathering. This 25-foot strand is probably the best bang you can get for your buck: A single string goes for just $16, and according to more than 32,000 Amazon reviewers, it's money very well spent.

Buy it: $16; amazon.com

Amazon Mesh Food Tent
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Lauon Mesh Food Tent

Keep those pesky mosquitos away from your crostini with mini mesh food covers. This collapsible set boasts a lace trim detail at the bottom, making it a pretty little accessory for garden parties and church potlucks as well.  

Buy it: $12 for 6; amazon.com

Amazon Cooler Table
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Keter Pacific Cool Bar Side Table

A cocktail table that doubles as a 40-can cooler? Genius. It's especially great for larger parties, as it spreads out the drink traffic rather than diverting everyone to the bar cart.

Buy it: $83; amazon.com

Amazon Chilled Dip Bowl
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Classic Cuisine Cold Dip Bowl

Is there anything worse than your guacamole turning sad and brown mere minutes into the party? Keep things a little fresher with this stainless steel dip server, which sits atop a bowl of ice, allowing the chill to last longer in the summer heat.

Buy it: $13; amazon.com

Amazon Beach Wine Table
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Bamboo Wine and Cheese Tray

Unless you're drinking from a box (no judgment), bringing wine to the beach or park can be a bit of a hassle-where do you put a stemmed glass without risking a tip-over? Enter this portable table, which stakes into sand or grass like an umbrella, and holds up to six glasses. It also comes with a mini cutlery set for wine's greatest pairing, cheese.

Buy it: $30; amazon.com

Amazon Croquet Set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Juegoal Deluxe Croquet Set

Outdoor games are essentials at summer get-togethers. While you could break out the obvious crowd pleaser (cornhole), you could also make like the royals and try your hand at a game of croquet. This entire set is crafted from high-quality hardwood.

Buy it: $33; amazon.com

Amazon LED Bluetooth Speaker
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Dikaou LED Flame Bluetooth Speaker

A soundtrack of singalong summer tunes (Journey, anyone?) can take a good party into unforgettable territory. This portable speaker is perfect for nighttime fun, as it comes equipped with a built-in LED flickering lantern for that perfect party ambiance.

Buy it: $40; amazon.com

Amazon Folding Chair Set
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Robin Folding Chair Set

Any soiree serving food should have ample seating for guests. Instead of pulling out the camping chairs, invest in an attractive set of folding wood ones that can easily tuck away once the party's over.

Buy it: $100 for 4; amazon.com

Amazon Floating Drink Holder
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Feebria Floating Drink Holder

Consider this inflatable drink server your all-summer-long companion. With your snacks and beverage of choice floating nearby, there's no longer a need to leave the comfort of a cool pool on a sweltering day. (It's also great for kids, provided they keep the cannonballs to a minimum.)

Buy it: $24; amazon.com