These bamboo fiber dish towels do it all.
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Is it just us, or does the dish towel drawer need an upgrade? Every kitchen has one—a drawer filled with stacks of dish towels in varying stages of disarray. Some rags you grab for the dirty work, others are your go-tos for drying the dishes. There's the one you love for polishing glass bakeware and coffee mugs and the others you should have probably thrown out last year. When it's time to revamp the linen drawer, might we suggest a stack of super absorbent bamboo kitchen towels? The Bondre 100% bamboo dish cloths, which you can find on Amazon (BUY IT: $13.99,, are exactly the multipurpose upgrade your kitchen needs.

These dish cloths are super soft and ultra absorbent. They're made of natural bamboo fiber, which creates a fabric much more absorbent than classic cotton. That means you'll be able to dry a whole sink of dishes without breaking a sweat—or stopping every other moment to wring out your dish cloth. They come in a pack of six, which will keep you stocked all year. These multipurpose cloths are great for kitchen tasks, but you'll likely also find plenty of places to use them throughout the house. They also come with multi-colored stitching on the edges, which will help you distinguish between them and keep them organized. The fabric shrinks a bit the first time it's used, but it's not a problem for those who love these cloths.  

You can find these dish cloths on Amazon, where 69% reviews give the towels 5 stars and say that "these are the only dish cloths you need"; they're "great at absorbing", "they don't stain or stink", and they're "exceptional quality and well worth the price." One reviewer says, "I've been looking for these for 20 years." Another particularly positive reviewer says, "These are the best I have found on Amazon or anywhere else. […] I have a house full of stainless steel appliances that are covered with fingerprints and they take a lot of maintenance, so these work best. I had a friend who was helping me clean up after a function in my home. She loved them so much she took one home." Dish cloths so good they become gifts? Definitely worth a try. Need a new stack? These bamboo dish cloths might be the ones for you.

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What's your go-to kitchen essential? Does your dish towel drawer need a revamp?

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