Read this savvy advice if you're thinking about remodeling an Airstream.

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, there's been an overwhelming demand for RVs. Whether you're thinking of scooping up an Airstream trailer as a second home on wheels or ditching your current digs for RV life, these compact mobile homes are quickly rising in popularity.

But buying an Airstream trailer doesn't mean you'll open the door and walk into your dream space. Like any home, Airstream trailers often require a fair bit of remodeling to get them ready for your ideal setup. And as we all know about home renovation undertakings, it's all too easy to blast through your budget. Below, three tips we learned from our friends over at Apartment Therapy to save money while renovating an Airstream.

  1. Buy an Airstream with working appliances. If you're buying a used Airstream, check to make sure the appliances work. Airstream owners Gabi and Brandon Fox told Apartment Therapy that you can really run a pretty penny on appliances, as replacements can cost about $1,000 or so each.
  2. Set Google alerts for renovation materials. This handy tip can help you save big when it comes to buying the actual items you'll need for your new mobile home, like flooring or insulation. By setting Google alerts for the products you're looking for, you can immediately know when a local deal is posted on Craigslist and sweep it up.

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3. Shop for scraps. Be sure to check if local home supply stores or other vendors offer floor models or scraps from finished projects at discount, One person's finished countertop can be another person's treasure. Don't be afraid to negotiate with several vendors until you find the best deal.

Do you have an Airstream trailer? If so, what is your best piece of advice when it comes to renovations?