Why 800 Square Feet Is The Perfect Size Home For Empty Nesters

Bigger isn't always better.

The tiny house movement has been taking over for a few years now, and we think they'll always have their charm. Moving into a smaller home isn't as much of a sacrifice as you think. You're scaling back on physical square footage, but you'll save big in other areas. An 800-square-foot house might sound claustrophobic (especially if more than one person is planning on living in the home full-time), but it's the ideal amount of space for homeowners looking to downsize.

The Perks Of A Smaller Space

Downsizing to a smaller house is a practical, cost-efficient option, especially for retirees. Cutting back on square footage can also mean cutting back on the maintenance that goes into caring for a larger home, which can be both physically and financially taxing. Less upkeep means more time and funds for things like travel. Returning to a smaller home base between trips to visit family is much less overwhelming to manage.

How Small Is 800 Square Feet?

An 800-square-foot house is more significant than it sounds. A home of this size can pack in two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, and a living space. Plus, remember the creative use of outdoor spaces like the porch and patio for enjoying the great outdoors in the South. An 800-square-foot floor plan is even enough room to host supper club or overnight guests. Don't believe us? Browse these tiny Southern Living House Plans to see a variety of layouts and architectural styles that fit your needs and design interests.

Palmetto Cottage, Plan #2009
Southern Living House Plans; Photo: John McManus

Get Creative With Every Inch

Maximizing every inch of a cozy cottage will save it from feeling like a shoebox. Decluttering is key—prioritize the things you can't live without and eliminate the rest. Smart storage solutions will also save big on space, like sliding a stackable washer and dryer into a closet. Or display cookbooks on open shelving so your collection can double as decor. Extending living areas outdoors can also help your home feel bigger, like centering an alfresco sitting room around a backyard patio.

While tiny houses aren't for everyone, this smaller house size might help you prioritize your family's needs and fit your lifestyle, depending on your stage of life. Family with three kids? It's probably best to hold off for now. Empty nesters? Call your real estate agent.

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