We are betting big on this sophisticated, under-the-radar shade.

"This room is very adult and beach chic. The yellow has a bit of brown in it, which works well with the natural bamboo and rattan elements in here," says Harper. "I had the wainscot built 54 inches tall so the wallpaper wouldn't overwhelm the space." An airy but substantial bed from Mecox fills the room. "Clearance is key with canopies," Harper advises. "Leave at least a foot between the top of the bed and the ceiling."

A white duvet from Matouk and sheet from Serena & Lily give the room a welcome break from color and pattern.

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Listen up, Pantone. The home decorating enthusiasts are less than thrilled with Ultra Violet as the color of the year. It’s more than a little bit domineering in an interiors scheme. Instead, we’ve decided to take a stand on an interior color trend that we can get behind – yellow. Here’s why we think its tops and here are some easy tips to use it.

It’s been out of vogue long enough to feel fresh again.

Rid your minds of the flouncy, toile-clad Country French kitchens and living rooms that dominated the mid-to-late nineties before it lost its footing to the neutral design movement of the early aughts that eventually gave way to today’s loudly, saturated tones. This millennia’s take on yellow is light-handed, just like the color should be.


Those in-the-know are already using it

Lindsey Coral Harper’s yellow-themed bedroom and bathroom in our 2017 Idea House was hands-down the staff’s favorite. Decorator Amy Berry (and a 2016 Idea House Designer) posted this breakfast nook on her Instagram and people went wild for it. While Harper used yellow as a soothing shade in the bedroom, Berry used it to create a happy, welcoming spot (Close your eyes and picture this space decorated with Ultra Violet. It's a jarring vision, isn't it?).

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It’s an easy color to work with

Yellow décor doesn’t need much to be great especially if you are trying to create a welcoming atmosphere. Don’t bother contrasting it with blue or bringing it down with a grimy, industrial gray. Those stark combos grow tiresome quickly. In 2018, avoid eye-popping, schoolbus-inspired yellows. Instead, seek out soft buttery yellows and then, leave them alone! Let yellow be the star of the room and pair it with warm creamy whites and light shades of straw. If you need to add definition, try pops of bronze or deep chocolate accents. If you’re using it in a bathroom or kitchen, warm metallic finishes like brass or bronze look best. Warm shades like yellow just don’t look right against cool chromes and nickels.