Davidson Gap Home Design Concepts

 Our team shares the concepts they used when building this house.


[MUSIC] The overall concept for this house, was that we really tried to keep it as local as possible. The Davidson-Gap house is built in a historic farming and very rural community. The style of the house is what I would call a, Madison county farm house. [MUSIC] They tried to look at the historic styles, that exist in the area that I'm building in, and emulate them in a way so that, people feel like they belong, that their house belongs in that locality. One of the things we really wanted to focus on is, keeping this environment as natural as possible. The location of the house was really special, because it's actually at the top of the gap. And it looks down through the valley. There are two streams, one on either side of the house. That are, are flowing down past it. We can achieve a minimal site intrusion, by just being very careful about the way we plan the landscape architecture. [MUSIC] The landscape material that we use on this property is all native. It is all found in these woods, but it's also found within west and North Carolina. [MUSIC] In an effort to, reduce the amount of erosion and an effort to capture a lot of the rain water runoff, we planted a lot of grass massing on the the steep slopes to help slow the water down. [MUSIC] We have a cistern that catches rainwater. [SOUND] Water comes down the downspouts. Heads underground to our cistern. And then, moves into the house through a water pipe. And, is used to flush toilets, and for a hose bib in the back of the house. On a care task we utilized another technology, a green roof, a living roof. It decreases run off, it provides natural insulation, and it also is, it's great to look at. We want everything that we do to fit in with the landscape, and the local environment, and surroundings. And we also want the neighbors to feel good about what we bring to a community. [MUSIC]
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