Dress up your fall decor with these easy DIY luminaries, and add some glow to your home style this season. You need just seven items to create these sweet paper bag luminaries. Everyone can help, because they’re so simple to make. In fact, grab the kids, put on some fall music, and set up a luminary assembly line in your kitchen for the ultimate in seasonal DIY cheer. You’ll want to display these autumnal decorations everywhere—lining your driveway and sidewalk, flanking your entry and stairs, and illuminating your mantel. Begin by tracing leaves on the paper bags (we used maple leaves in the demonstration above, but you can use any leaves from your yard), and cut out the leaf shapes from the fronts of the paper bags. Use pinking shears to trim the tops of the bags for added flair. Insert the white bags, add sand to weigh them down, and insert flameless votives for safe, cheery fall decor that will bring a smile to your face this season.

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