Nothing heralds a Southern Christmas season quite like a stunning magnolia wreath. This iconic Southern tree provides a mix of charm and fresh greenery to any porch or entryway, and is a timeless way to welcome holiday guests to your home. This vibrant front door decor is much easier to pull together than you'd expect, especially if you've access to a magnolia tree in the yard (which, many of us do!). Follow along as we show you how to create this holiday classic, step-by-step, with the use of floral foam, magnolia leaves, and a bright ribbon.

Start with a 3-gallon nursery pot, and top it with a 15-inch circular piece of florist foam soaked in water. This will be the base of your wreath. Then, using fresh magnolia leaves, insert the stems into the foam. Make a layer around the base of the form, and then continue with a second layer of leaves once you've filled in any gaps. Add in extra leaves around the wreath to fill out the shape as desired. Once you've got your leaves firmly into the wreath form, add a bright red ribbon looped through the wreath to allow for hanging. Add a bow, and you've got a classic Southern magnolia wreath.

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