Enjoy this fun, inexpensive project--it's perfect for kids or just for you.

Photography Van Chaplin

Grow a handful of seeds on a sunny windowsill, and discover one of life's simplest pleasures. This almost-effortless activity promises hope, optimism, and a huge dose of gardening success.

Easy and Budget-Friendly
Purchase a pack of seeds such as moonflowers or morning glories. Their large size makes handling simple.

You'll need containers: clean, empty eggshells are perfect. You can also find peat pots and peat pellets at garden centers. Purchase a small bag of potting soil, and you're ready. Follow these steps, have a little patience, and marvel at your gardening expertise.

Healthy Benefits

  • Gardening sparks optimism. Watch seedlings sprout and grow to nurture the feelings of success and wonder.
  • Sharing the new seeds and plants that this project produces encourages others to enjoy a gardening adventure.


"Start Seeds in Your Windowsill" is from the January 2007 issue of Southern Living.