These three small baths have one theme in common--unique ideas create more storage.

By Southern Living Editors
It's All in the Details-- Guest Bath
Guest bath

A pedestal sink gives the room a clean, old-fashioned look but provides no space for toiletries.

The architect included a utility shelf between the sink and medicine cabinet in his design. It's wide enough to hold items such as personal accessory kits and make-up bags, but it's small enough to fit unobtrusively over the sink and its fixtures. A decorative hook provides a convenient place to hang a towel.

To create a guest bath that is convenient for more than one user in a tight space.

While this space in the home of Karen and Dru Booth allowed for only one sink, the bath does accommodate more than one guest with its two mirrored areas--each with a separate light fixture and shelf for holding toiletries. A center cabinet unit divides the areas. The unit's raised counter is another convenient addition. The light wood cabinets, stained for an aged look, and the white tile floor make the room feel more open.

A relatively small powder room that lacks storage space and interest.

Skirting the issue--literally. "Powder rooms usually do not have built-in cabinetry," notes designer Jennifer Spak. "By adding the skirt, we created an area where things could be tucked away, keeping the room free of clutter."

Custom made by local seamstress Deena Williams, the skirt offers bold color with whimsical patterns. "It definitely adds some spice," says homeowner Laura Wheat. (Note: This particular sink came with an optional curtain rod that attaches under the outer rim of the sink, but you could use self-fastening strips to retrofit a pedestal sink.)

Tip From A Pro
Designer Jennifer Spak suggests looking for cabinets, wall shelves, small dressers, or buffets to fill those small-space needs in a more creative way. "A new coat of paint or a hand-painted design truly updates an old piece and adds quite a bit of personality," she says.