Straight from the garden—or your garden-supply store—your green thumb will love this riff on the holiday wreath.

Warm up an entry with earthy terra-cotta rooting pots. Use weathered pots from your own collection, or age new ones using our technique.

• 18-inch grapevine wreath
• flat white acrylic spray paint
• 30 (2½-inch-diameter) terra-cotta pots
• 10 (1½-inch-diameter) terra-cotta pots
• Deco Art Snow-Tex
• 1-inch-wide paintbrush
• jar of water
• 1 cup strong coffee
• gray-green craft paint
• clear acrylic flat spray paint
• 1 package white paper-wrapped florist wire
• metal wreath hanger
• 2 yards of 2½-inch-wide burlap ribbon

To Make
1. Lightly spray wreath white.

2. Dab Deco Art Snow-Tex around the base and sides of each pot with a damp paintbrush. Paint the insides with coffee.

3. Lightly dab gray-green craft paint over dried Snow-Tex. Seal pots with clear spray paint; let dry.

4. Attach pots with florist wire.