An old metal drum was reinvented as a coffee table, which looks best paired with a traditional piece, such as a skirted sofa.

Take a cue from Terra Cottage in trendy Midtown Atlanta for tips on blending new and old furniture with durable industrial pieces and soft, frilly accessories.

For a home store to be great (not just good), it has to have creative displays and inventive vignettes everywhere you look. Terra Cottage gets an A+ in this department. It’s full of cottage cuteness--embroidered bedding, coral-print pillows, and lamps with the shades painted on the inside. But what keeps us coming back is the store owner’s sharp eye for crazy-cool antiques and industrial pieces that have been reinvented.

On a recent visit, we fell in love with metal pulleys (originally from an old factory) that had been repurposed into side tables and a perforated steel drum that was granted a second life as a coffee table. “My favorite items are the ones with a sense of history,” says owner Sandie Hurlburt. “I like things that get used in new, quirky ways so they don’t just end up in a landfill.” One of her latest scores: A manhole mold she recently found in Macon, Georgia, that’s now being used as a tabletop. How many times have you seen something like that? Not nearly enough. 

Know Before You Go
New inventory arrives every month--much of it from France and Belgium. Don’t miss the Pine Cone Hill bedding selection with everything from quilts to pillow shams. Also check out the vintage-inspired accessories, such as frames covered with pretty wallpapers. The quirky, industrial-type items don’t last long in the store because they’re such great one-of-a-kind finds. And good news: If you like a piece but need it in a different color or size, ask Sandie if she can customize it for you. Chances are, her answer will be yes.

Terra Cottage: 1183 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA, 30318; or (404) 350-0330.

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