Tennessee Home Depot Employees Find Envelope Stuffed With Cash, Return It To Panicked Customer

The customer planned to use the money to buy Christmas presents for his kids.

Adam Adkisson was working at The Home Depot in the Nashville neighborhood of Bellevue when he noticed a small envelope in aisle 22.

“I didn’t think anything of it at first,” Adkisson told WSMV. “I thought it was empty, but I thought I’d go back to make sure and when I picked it up, I could feel that It had stuff in it. It had money.”

Home Depot

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When he realized just how much money—$700 worth of cash—Adkisson contacted a manager.

“I thought to myself ‘oh my goodness he or she didn’t know they even lost it here,’” manager Alissa Rocchi recalled. “It was just sad at that point.”

She decided that the best way to help was to make a post on Facebook—one that didn’t give away too much information. 

A man named Mark responded to the vague Facebook post saying that the envelope belonged to his business partner, Johnathon Clayton, who had lost it and was “panicking.” Mark confirmed his story by describing the appearance of the envelope and the details written on the back.

“I was stressing over it pretty bad. So, I am glad that [Mark] is a social media guy and was able to see that [post]  because I would have never seen it,” Clayton told WSMV, adding that he planned to use the money to buy Christmas gifts for his kids. 

To show his gratitude, Clayton reportedly returned to The Home Depot to thank Adkisson and give him a small gift.

Rocchi said they didn’t think twice about reuniting the money with its owner. 

“Our core value is on our chest and one of our core values says to do the right thing,”  she told the local news station. “That is just us living our core values.”

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