It's the most wonderful time of the year—but it's not without its challenges.
Things You'll Only See and Hear in the South in December
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Southerners live overwhelmingly humid lives. From spring to fall, most of us are dealing with short sleeves and mild-to-blazing weather and the occasional thunderstorm. When winter descends, though, it can throw us into something of a tizzy. On the whole, we don't cope well with cold or—perish the thought—impending snow. Admittedly, in the South, anything from 50 to 15 degrees can be considered cold (and don't you dare tell us otherwise). No matter the actual December temps, we'll take any and every opportunity to wrap up in our coziest attire. Though by midday we'll inevitably have to shed it all because it takes just a few degrees of direct sunlight to make it feel like summer again.

Here's what we say during those December dilemmas…

On the Weather

Question: Why is it colder inside the house than out?
Answer: We've got the AC on.

Wanna drive with the windows down?

The weatherman said we were in for a wintry mix, so the whole town's shut down 'til tomorrow.

45 degrees? Why, that's near to freezing.

Two inches? Why, that calls for a snow day.

There's a dusting on the hill—grab the sled!

Question: That was a real nightmare of a blizzard, wasn't it?
Answer: The snow didn't stick, Hal.

Forecast said snow. We cleaned out the Piggly-Wiggly's canned goods aisle.

Dilemma: I forgot to stock up at the grocery store!
Reply: Don't worry, the Waffle House is open.

On Winter Attire

I heard it was going to dip below 60, so I got out all my cozy scarves and boots.

I felt a breeze earlier. You should probably wear a hat.

Where did you get that scarf monogrammed?

On Christmas

Did you leave a MoonPie out for Santa?

Can we bake the Southern Living cover cake for Santa and the reindeer?

(On Christmas morning) You get what you get and you don't pitch a fit.

There are also a few things you'll only see in the South in December...

Children sledding on a hill with just a dusting of disappearing snow

Dessert tables creaking under the weight of the finest cake recipes the South has to offer

Truck beds decorated with blinking lights and life-size nativity scenes

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What super-Southern sayings do you find yourself repeating every December? Does an eighth of an inch of snow send your small town atwitter?