20 Valentine's Day Gifts for Him He'll Actually Like

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Valentine's Day isn't just a time for men to pamper their women (although, we are super excited about that!). It's also a chance to find something special for your husband, father, boyfriend, fiancé, son, grandpa, or friend that shows how much you care and appreciate all that they do. Instead of getting him a cheesy trinket, try instead choosing one of these unique Valentine's Day gift ideas that he will actually be able to use. From festive socks to chocolate-covered bacon to whiskey rocks, there's a gift for every man on your list. If he's a techie, he'll be so happy to get a portable charger he can fit in his pocket. If he's a world traveler, he'll love having a scratch-off map to plan future trips. And, if he's the beer-drinkin' type – he will get lots of mileage out of a personalized wooden beer caddy. There's a Valentine's Day gift on this list for every guy.

He'll be Head Over Heels for These Gifts

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Reclaimed records are given new life in this coaster set. Since they are made from real records, each set is unique and will include a variety of genres.

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The material of this holder was designed to stick to any surface, including glass, marble, glazed shower tile, and laminate.

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In addition to being waterproof, this small but mighty speaker is also scratch and dent resistant, perfect for any adventure he wants to take it on.

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Yes, it's true. This tray will cook crispy bacon in under five minutes all without making a mess.

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For beer lovers and avid travelers alike, this birch wood display records the many, many craft beers he likes to enjoy. Pick from all fifty states. If he's more of a nation-wide beer connoisseur, he'll also love the United States Beer Tasting Map ($30), which shows the whole country.

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If your boyfriend/husband/fiancé rocks, get him these whiskey rocks that will keep his drinks from getting watered down.

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It's hard to find a masculine-scented candle that doesn't smell like a new car. This coffee-scented candle does the trick – and you'll love having this aroma waft through your living room.

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This no-nonsense gift is perfect for a beau with a dry sense of humor and a strong sweet tooth. Personalize the message to say whatever sweet nothings your heart desires.

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Gift this punchy mug along with a handle of his favorite fine bourbon.

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Document your world travels, and plan for future trips, with this unique and dynamic scratch-off map.

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This handmade-to-order gift is perfect for your bacon-loving beau.

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To love someone, you have to like him, first. This book celebrates the little "moments we would happily endure for someone special."

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If you just gave him a tie for Christmas, give him this dapper tie clip to help keep it in place.

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His dog is called "man's best friend" for a reason, so commemorate his pup with a sweet silhouette. This thoughtful gift will earn you major brownie points.

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This quality mitt is actually a gift for you as well: Your cute ones from Anthropologie will stay nice and clean.

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Guys on the go need this portable charger that's small enough to fit in his back pocket.

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If he's been using the same toiletry bag since you've known him, it's probably time for a fresh start. This sleek option comes in two sizes and four colors, and of course, you can get it monogrammed.

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This sturdy tumbler will keep his coffee hot or his water cold whether he takes it to the office, on the boat, or on the road. It comes in 12 color options, and you should probably order one for yourself, too, because you'll want to steal his.

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Celebrating Valentine's Day with a movie night in? Why not give him a soft new robe to wear for it?

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Whether you have travel plans for the year, you're gifting him a trip, or he's in desperate need of a handsome new passport cover, you can't go wrong with classic brown leather.

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