Treat yourself without blowing your budget.
Southern Living Trader Joe's Flowers
Treat yourself without blowing your budget.
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How do we love you, Trader Joe's? Let us count the ways. We love your budget-friendly grocery goods, your free-sample stations, and your selection of Two Buck Chuck wines. We love the staff's vibrant Hawaiian shirts and the 19-cent bananas. But what we love most of all are your affordable flower arrangements.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you haven't paused to check out TJ's selection of budget-friendly seasonal bouquets, houseplants, and potted herbs, we highly recommend doing so before rushing off to the produce section. Trader Joe's offers many fresh flower arrangements for under $5—that's less than a rotisserie chicken, a latte from your favorite coffee shop, or a new bottle of nail polish. Studies show that displaying fresh flowers throughout your home has positive effects on well-being and decreases stress levels. (Not to mention, they instantly bring life to your home and make it smell wonderful.) The next time you go grocery shopping at TJ's, don't feel guilty for treating yourself to the bouquet of seasonal blooms that caught your eye—it won't bust your budget and it's good for your health.

Pick up an affordable arrangement at Trader Joe's when you're in need of a quick, cost-efficient hostess gift. Some of the houseplants—like the succulents, for example—can be purchased in present-worthy containers. For other ready-made flower arrangements wrapped in cellophane, just stick them in a pretty vase before gifting.

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If you're willing to spend a little bit more, Trader Joe's is offering special arrangements for Valentine's Day. Pick up the Trader Joe's Double Dozen Tulips (24 in each bunch), which they're offering for the "we-can-hardly-believe-it-ourselves price of $10.99." Or spring for the traditional bouquet of a dozen roses for $12.99.