It's been a tough year. For the singles out there, dating in a pandemic is no joke. But don't fret. This Valentine's Day, there is a very special offer on the table from our friends at Stonyfield Organic. They are offering a very unique Valentine's package that includes festive treats from Stonyfield and Lake Champlain Organic Milk Chocolate, an adorable stuffed cow, and the pièce de resistance, a 15-minute Zoom date with a real live cow. Yes, this is real. Stonyfield will Zoom in with a cow from one of their farms that supplies milk for their yogurt.

cow zoom
Credit: Stonyfield

The package will cost you $50 and an added bonus, as if you needed more to persuade you that spending some of your Valentine's day with an adorable bovine, the proceeds from this gift will be donated to Wolfe's Neck, a non-profit dedicated to cultivating America's next generation of dairy farmers.

Need more convincing? What if we told you this virtual cow chat might just be good for you? You may recall that we reported on the new trend of cow cuddling last October. The practice of koe knuffelen, or "cow cuddling" can be traced back to farms in the Netherlands, but the trend is gaining popularity beyond the Dutch borders. The BBC reported, "Cow cuddling is believed to promote positivity and reduce stress by boosting oxytocin in humans, the hormone released in social bonding. The calming effects of curling up with a pet or emotional support animal, it seems, are accentuated when cuddling with larger mammals."

Cow with heart headband
Credit: ArmadilloStock/Getty Images

Now a virtual visit may not be quite the same as actually cuddling a cow, but we're sure it will brighten your day regardless. You can find out more here but make sure to book your time slot by February 11, to ensure you make it on one of the participating cow's dance cards.