We love a holiday tradition, but why is this relative newcomer to the china cabinet pushing all the other plates to the past?
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Spode Woodland Turkey
Credit: Amazon

Full disclosure: My family doesn't eat off of Spode Woodland Turkey plates. We eat off a set of turkey china that look strikingly similar (Johnson Brothers' Wild Turkey). The background is cream colored, there's delicate brown floral pattern around the edges, and a turkey in the center. One set belonged to my great uncle and the other set belonged to my grandfather and anyone else hosting gets to use the plates, but my mom always gets to keep them in her china cabinet. It's a really big deal to hand-wash each plate set and make sure that every piece is accounted for and carefully packed away for the next year. Why is this an important process? Because like many other turkey-motif, Thanksgiving china patterns, our Johnson Brothers' Wild Turkey china is old, fragile, and…very much discontinued. (One reason why turkey plates are collectables.)

However, a British manufacturer, Spode, answered the calls of so many American hostesses in 2004 when they formally introduced the Turkey pattern to their Woodlands china collection alongside the Hunting Dogs, Rabbit, and Big Horn patterns to name a few. Nostalgic, painterly scenes with rich colors framed by the feminine brown floral border make the china very versatile and very apropos for autumn and Thanksgiving tables across the South. Spode's Woodland dinnerware may look antique, but thanks to some modern manufacturing technologies it's dishwasher and microwave safe. Last but not least, Spode has mastered the distribution game – you can purchase an entire collection of Woodlands Turkey online to be delivered in two days via Amazon Prime or mix and match your favorite animals to personalize your Thanksgiving table setting.

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Now are you clear on why Spode's Turkey china is the star of your Thanksgiving table? In short, it's because Spode is smart enough to keep our Thanksgiving tables set in proper Southern style.