Guests will wonder what your secret is.
Soy Sauce
Credit: ddukang/Getty Images

Whether you're frying your turkey, roasting it, or even opting for a vegetarian feast this Thanksgiving, chances are gravy will make its way onto your table.

So what's an easy way to upgrade your go-to gravy recipe? Soy sauce. The popular Asian condiment actually imbues your Thanksgiving gravy with heightened flavor. "Soy sauce is loaded with umami—the super savory, hard-to-define flavor that can make food insanely addictive. In gravy, you won't actually taste the soy sauce (unless you add a crazy amount); you'll just react more strongly to depth of flavor," writes Lauren Miyashiro for food site, For vegetarian gravy recipes, the addition of soy sauce gives the dish that meaty kick that can be hard to replicate without animal products.

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If you're not concerned with keeping your gravy plant-based, Delish also recommends Worcestershire sauce as an excellent option to intensify the flavor of your Thanksgiving gravy (some brands of Worcestershire sauce contain anchovies). Whether you amp up your gravy with soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce, be sure to start by adding only a tablespoon or so, and tasting it to see how you like it.

Now, go forth, and stir a touch of soy sauce into your Thanksgiving gravy. Guests will wonder what your secret is.