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Credit: Peter Frank Edwards

What is Friendsgiving?

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to spend with family and get your hands on those secret recipes you've enjoyed every holiday season since you can remember. But what about the new recipe you perfected this year and all your friends who you won't get to celebrate the day with?

Friendsgiving is Thanksgiving's friendly neighbor that offers a special time to try new recipes, make memories, and share thanks with your wonderful friends. Often a potluck style feast, Friendsgiving dinner lets you show off your favorite recipe, experiment with a new one, and discover which friend is a secret master chef. Everyone brings a dish and celebrates the spirit of the season together.

When is Friendsgiving?

It's up to you – and your friends!

Let your Friendsgiving be a practice for Thanksgiving by scheduling it in early November while everyone is still in town and itching to try out their holiday recipes. This will be most guests' first meal of the holiday season so enthusiasm will be high.

Schedule Friendsgiving the weekend following Thanksgiving to extend the festivities, but make sure your stomachs can take it! Guests will have those secret family recipes fresh on their minds and you'll be able to try some perfected classics.

Let Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving merge into one spectacular feast if there are friends who won't be seeing their families on Thursday.

Tips for Making Your Friendsgiving Meal a Success

Coordinate side dishes with friends ahead of time so you don't end up with three sweet potato dishes and no cranberry sauce. Make and impromptu signup sheet at the next gathering or send out an email invite to a group google doc.

Make sure to talk about food allergies and dietary restrictions! It's easy to remember your brother's peanut allergy because you had to live with it growing up, but you might not have noticed your friend's lactose intolerance. Make sure everyone is able to fill up their plates with different dishes!

Take the time to think about decorations and beautiful table settings to serve as a stylish backdrop for new memories with old friends.