From ever-so-Southern deviled eggs to decadent sweet potato casserole, we rounded up these country stars' favorite dishes.

Thanksgiving Sides On Table
Credit: Iain Bagwell

We've all got our must-have indulgences at family Thanksgiving, so it's no wonder that our favorite country stars like to pick sides, too. We asked these singer/songwriters about their top holiday dishes–and is it any surprise that we've got a lot of casseroles in the mix?

"I'm a sides girl so I love green bean and sweet potato casseroles! My family is real traditional at Thanksgiving."
-Miranda Lambert

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"Deviled Eggs! They are a staple in most Thanksgiving meals, but every year my mom adds different stuff into the middle. Last year she made a pesto version, sometimes a pickled version. I always love seeing what kind she comes up with!"
-Kelsea Ballerini

"I love carbs so my Mom's stuffing is my absolute favorite Thanksgiving dish (which is actually her Mom's original recipe handed down). What makes it so delicious is putting some cornbread into the mixture and A LOT of sage and parsley."
-Olivia Lane

"On Thanksgiving our favorite dishes are Shannon's Mom's sweet potatoes and Ryan's Mom's homemade pumpkin bread. Both are overwhelmingly delicious and comforting and serve as equal reminders that there's nothing like a mothers love displayed by food!"
-Haley & Michaels

"I've always been in charge of baking pies for Thanksgiving. There's nothing better than sharing a cup of coffee and piece of pumpkin pie with Mom. Until recently, I did discover you can brûlée the top with a little sugar and a blowtorch! Best of both worlds!"
-Sarah Darling

"My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my mom's homemade chicken 'n dumplins. They're made with lots of love and I have as many helpings as I can until I'm completely miserable."
-Clayton Anderson