Calling all tailgaters.
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Chaheati MAXX Stadium Seat
Credit: Amazon

Nothing is better than a fall or winter tailgate. Nothing is worse than being freezing at one.

That's why we were so glad when our friends at clued us in to one glorious seat cover that helps you keep toasty warm. Meet the Chaheati MAXX Stadium Seat, available for $59.31 on Amazon.

The easy-to-transport cushion comes with a 7.4 Volt Lithium rechargeable battery and charger, and works with tailgate chairs or in stadium seats to make sure you stay warm during outdoor events and sporting games. The cushion provides you with up to six hours of heat, meaning it will last for even the longest of nail-biting football games.

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Pair the handy seat cushion with a puffy jacket and these winter gloves and you'll be ready to go for all of your winter tailgating needs.

Now, back to more important matters like who's packing face paint, where the best parking spot is, and what's on the menu for the festivities.