Because a tailgate needs more than monogrammed koozies.

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Tailgate Kitchen Tools
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You've got food, drinks, a grill, and your trusty folding chair with cup holders—now what? Make sure you're set up for tailgating success and with these cooking tools and supplies.

Kitchen towels

A few clean kitchen towels are essential for mopping up messes, but they also do double duty as pot holders for handling hot pans, grills, and tools.

Plastic food containers

Like kitchen towels, a few plastic food storage containers will come in handy more often than you might think. Use them to transport leftovers, clean and dirty utensils, and sharp tools like knives and grilling forks. You can also fill large containers with soapy water to use as a washing station.

BBQ Tool Set

A high-quality BBQ tool set will include everything you need for the grill in one portable package. Look for sets that include a sturdy, long-handled grilling fork, spatula, and tongs, a basting brush, food thermometer, and a grill brush.

Cutting Boards

You're going to need a sturdy, clean work surface to slice up meat, assemble burgers, cut limes for drinks, and handle countless other tasks that need to be done. To avoid cross-contamination, pack two cutting boards—one for raw proteins and one for cooked food. And make sure everyone knows which one is which.

Bottle opener

Even if your cooler is full of canned beer, it never hurts to have a bottle opener on hand. You might turn out to be a hero for your tailgating neighbors who forgot theirs. (Or, impress your friends with this cool spatula with a built-in bottle opener.)

Disinfectant wipes

Pack a container of disposable disinfectant wipes to wipe down surfaces and hands, especially if the nearest bathroom is a long walk away.

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Trash bags

Always pack a few more trash bags than you think you will need. Large drawstring plastic trash bags make clean up easier when the fun's over. You can also place dirty dishes inside a trash bag to transport them home without making a mess in your car.