Photo: Hector Sanchez

We've all been there: you're at a tailgate and someone serves you, say, a macaroni salad. Never mind that it isn't as good as yours, the problem is that it's been sitting in a car for the drive into town, through the setting up of the chairs, the lighting of the grill, and the first few beers. How safe is it to eat? Here at SL, we're dedicated to making your tailgate season run smoothly, so we've got a few tips for keeping your cold food cold so all you need to focus on is having a good time.

  • Pack a proper cooler. Make sure to pack the coldest foods on the bottom, put all items in tightly sealed containers, and don't skimp on ice. Consider packing frozen bottles of water; these can be enjoyed after thawing.
  • Consider serving foods that need to stay cool, like mayonnaise-based salads, deviled eggs, and salads, from an inflatable, ice-filled buffet.
  • For beverages and chilled soups, try a chic bottle, which can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours.
  • If you've got guests coming and going throughout the day, consider keeping salads and such in a nifty nested bowl that holds ice in the bottom compartment. Replenish the ice as needed.
  • Try these ceramic dishes that soak in water for a minute, then stay cool for hours.

And finally, as a bonus, we like this gadget that will ensure you never sip a warm bottle of beer again.