People Without Pools Are Getting Inflatable Sunbathing Tubs Instead, And It's Brilliant

No beach trip? No problem.

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Sunbathing Tubs


We all had that friend when we were young—the one with the pool. During a sweltering summer in the South, it was the hottest ticket in town. When you grow up, it's not much different. You're still striving to find any body of water to lounge next to, or risk being swept away by humidity, mosquitoes, and existential summertime dread if attempting to lay out in a bare backyard.

No pool? No beach trip on the horizon? No friends with really big boats? The bargain shoppers of the Internet have found a much more space-friendly, cost-efficient way to stay cool as you sunbathe. It's called a suntan tub.

Basically, just imagine a landlocked, oversized, inflatable lounger that is like a cross between a recliner pool float and a baby pool. Also referred to as a tanning pool or a sunbathing lounger, it's the easiest way to cool down while enjoying the sunlight. You just inflate it, plop it wherever you please, and fill it up with as much or as little water as you prefer to mimic a vacation effect. It'll be almost like you're floating on top of the Gulf. (We said almost.)

Swimline Tanning Pool


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What sets a suntan tub apart from a regular pool float is the tall perimeter edges, which allow you to fill it up with water. It measures around six feet long and four feet wide (such as the Swimline model above as well as the Float Joy and Jasonwell models below), making it comfortable and spacious. There is also an inflatable reclining headrest that you can remove at your leisure. What happens if you do find yourself a pool? Simply throw it in there. It'll work just fine as a float.

Float Joy Sunbathing Tub


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Use the outdoor raft at your house, a friend's house, in the pool, or in the ocean for anytime enjoyment. So, grab your sunscreen, the pimiento cheese, and all the makings of a Ranch Water. This brings the summer party to you.

Jasonwell 4 in 1 Inflatable Lounger Float


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