A smell-good natural alternative to bug spray.
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At a certain point, summer in the South basically becomes a game of telephone wherein everyone is asking each other, "What are y'all doing about these mosquitoes?" The pesky, blood-thirsty suckers know how to ruin a good time faster than a pinecone under the Slip N Slide; and so when sugar won't do, we bring out the sprays, wipes, citronella tiki torches, and yes, even the dad-approved mosquito net bug pants

As far as topical mosquito treatments go, we've recently become aware of a super convenient pack of natural mosquito wipes that are keeping the bugs away with a pleasing dose of aromatic essential oils in lieu of the chemical-scented sprays we've always known, relied upon, and accidentally tasted whenever a breeze strikes mid-spritz. If you haven't tried Aunt Fannie's Mosquito Wipes, there's still time. The skeeters aren't going anywhere.

Aunt Fannie's Mosquito Wipes
Credit: Amazon

The DEET-free wipes are made from biodegradable material and are essential oil-driven in lieu of harsh chemicals, which means they're safe for the whole family, starting as young as six months old. The brand claims that each wipe is effective for up to four hours, using a combination of citronella oil, cedarwood oil, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, geranium oil, vitamin E, and more to coat skin in a mosquito-repelling formula that smells way better than most other products. 

The wipes go on more like a dry body oil than water-based spray and don't drift up into your eyes or mouth as many sprays do on occasion, and they can be easily toted around in a backpack, car, or beach bag. Each pack contains a ten-count of individually wrapped wipes, and we would suggest stocking up—mosquitoes are a sneaky group and being stingy with repellant can come back to bite you. (Shop the wipes here: $9.99; amazon.com)

Now you can call into the neighborhood game of telephone and say, "Have y'all tried the wipes?"