Matzah Granola Is Your Passover Morning Staple

You'll enjoy Passover's parameters more than you ever thought you could.

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The Jewish holiday of Passover arrives this weekend. A marker of spring and renewal, our weeklong observance inspires the word-of-mouth retelling of our religion's roots. And while we are traditionally commanded to physically and metaphorically experience our ancestors' slavery through rituals of matzah breaking, and horseradish eating, and parsley dipping, I attest that our kosher-for-Passover breakfasts should not similarly "suffer."

Matzah is a fascinating enterprise. I avoid it at all costs due to its cardboard-like consistency, while my super nostalgic husband Alex looks forward to reliving his childhood concoctions year after year. For brunch, he requests a traditional matzah brie (think egg-matzah scramble) or a good 'ole baked matzah pizza of marinara-painted matzah sheets with various cheeses, veggies and miscellaneous toppings. I appreciate the creativity but personally, I'd rather go pizza-free for one week and treat myself to a Hog & Hominy pie once we can bring grains back into our diet!

I have become inspired, however, to continue to enjoy my morning breakfasts during Passover through a refashioned recipe.

Enter molasses matzah granola. Rich and nutty, crunchy and coconut-y, this recipe requires little work and high return. The grooves of crumbled matzah cracker catch the cinnamon molasses combo with ease, creating a toffee-like texture and taste after 10 minutes in the oven. After mixing in buttery nuts and coconut (which you can easily customize to your liking!), the toasted end product is enriching and, admittedly, addictive.

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Pour a spoonful over Greek yogurt or in a bowl of almond milk, stir, and enjoy. You'll enjoy Passover's parameters more than you ever thought you could.

Click here for Cara's Matzah Granola recipe

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