New Year's, here we come.

New Year's Resolutions
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Oh, January. A new year approaches, and we're ready. We Southerners have been planning our resolutions for months, and we have to tell you: We're resolved.

This year, we're making resolutions only a Southerner could concoct. It's true that some of these will last all year while some will disappear mid-February, but that's no matter. We love New Year's resolutions not for the pressures, but for the fresh starts they signal. It's an exciting time, a brand-new year to shape with personal goals—like those below—no matter how big, bold, silly, serious, or how very Southern they may be.

1. I will treat the slow cooker as I would like to be treated (i.e.: given a break on Saturdays).

2. I will learn to like unsweet tea.

3. I will not start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

4. I will not take offense when my casserole is only half eaten at the potluck.

5. I will give myself enough time to polish the silver so that I'm not frantically scrubbing hours before the party starts.

6. I will treat Mama to a celebration worthy of her this Mother's Day.

7. I will re-watch the entirety of The Golden Girls, for obvious reasons.

8. I will find the classic red lipstick I'm destined for, and I will wear it every day.

9. I will not panic the next time there's an eighth of an inch of snow on the ground.

10. I will be gracious when guests bring extra people, dishes, and muddy feet into my house.

11. I will not forget about the inevitable spring cold snap. I will not move my plants outside until said cold snap has passed.

12. I will stop buying Publix cakes and passing them off as my own.

13. I will bake the December cover cake with my family next Christmas.

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What are your New Year's resolutions? Will you be adopting any from our Southern-centric list this year?