Why Making Noise At Midnight On New Year's Eve Is Good Luck

Grab your noise makers.

New Year's Eve is a sparkly, loud, flashy affair. Fireworks fly in the air, noisemakers ring out, and there's palpable excitement for fresh beginnings that will start on New Year's Day. Many traditions are associated with the kickoff of a new year, such as eating black-eyed peas and collard greens, as well as superstitions that we all heed to ensure no bad vibes follow us into the coming year. Admittedly everyone's favorite is the food superstitions believed to bring you luck and prosperity.

We've all heard of the usuals, like watching out for who becomes the first visitor to cross your threshold and enter your home on New Year's Day. (This superstition states the first visitor is a bringer of good fortune to come or determines the tone for the whole year.)

New Year's Eve Party Blowers
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There's also the pantry superstition, which says that making sure your pantry is well-stocked on the night before entering a new year sets your home up for good fortune and bounty during the year. An empty pantry symbolizes a barren year.

However, not all superstitions revolve around New Year's Day itself. It turns out that part of your yearly New Year's Eve celebration is a superstition all on its own. Remember noisemakers? According to lore, making noise at midnight is said to ward off evil spirits and intentions as you enter a new year. The noise scares off ill will and welcomes in happy celebration. Double duty!

Stock up now with these fringe squawkers and metallic blow-out horns, or feel free to make your own at home. This New Year's superstition doesn't take much effort at all.

Grab the party blowers whether you're staying home or going out to spend time with loved ones this New Year's Eve. You know, for good luck. (Just don't tell Dad. He hates loud noises.)

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