There's no better way to wait for the ball to drop.
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If you're hosting a New Year's party, fun New Year's Eve games are a great way to get everyone mingling and initially break the social ice. Here are ten New Year's Eve games that require very few props and little preparation, plus they will inspire hilarious memories for the year to come.

Highlights of the Year

This is a great game for reminiscing and swapping funny stories from the past year. The host pulls questions out of a hat – think: "When was the hardest you laughed this year?," or "What was the event that had the most impact on you this year?" Participants take turns answering the questions. You can download 15 free, printable question cards from Alice & Lois.

Adult Loaded Questions

If you're not familiar with the board game Adult Loaded Questions, the idea is to test players on how well they know each other through suggestive and silly questions. Examples include: "What celebrity would be a great phone sex operator?," or "What would you be willing to do to get out of an expensive speeding ticket?" Feel free to DIY your own version with questions that pertain to the year's events – if they succeed in making your guests blush, you've accomplished the game.

New Year's Eve-Themed Charades

Charades makes the perfect New Year's Eve party game with a little update. Use this list of New Year's inspired words for topics to act out. Throw in a few that are related to popular news or events of the year for an extra chuckle.

The Ultimate Champagne Race

Don't worry; this is not a chugging match. For this one, players race to fill their Champagne flutes using only a teaspoon to transport the Champagne from a bowl to the glass. The first person to finish stands up and taps their glass with the spoon. The winner gets to give a toast for the New Year.

Two Resolutions and a Lie

Based on the popular ice breaker Two Truths and a Lie, this game is a great way to get guests to know each other better over a few laughs. The premise: Guests have to try to figure out what the other guests are lying and telling the truth about. In the New Year's Eve version, they'll have to figure out which two resolutions you really want this year, and which one is completely made up.

Guess the Resolution

In a similar spirit, when guests arrive and people are still warming up ask each person to write down five resolutions on separate slips of paper, then drop the papers into a hat or bowl. Later in the evening, once everyone's had a few drinks, mix up the answers, pull one slip of paper out at a time, and read it aloud. Everyone has to guess or write down who they think made each resolution.

Collect the Kisses

Before your guests arrive, hide a certain number of Hershey Kisses all around your home. Once your guests arrive, announce that they have until midnight to collect as many kisses as they can find. Be sure to award whoever has the most kisses at midnight with an exciting prize.

Pass the Mirror Ball

While you're waiting for the ball to drop, play a game that's all about not letting the ball drop. If you're not willing to risk breaking an actual disco ball, use a balloon for this game instead. Instruct your party guests to form a circle. Give the ball to someone and have them turn to face one of the people on either side of them. The goal of the game is to pass the ball around the circle without using their hands to do so. Once the first person has successfully passed off the ball to their partner, participants continue passing the ball around the circle until it reaches the original starting point. If the ball is dropped, the player who was trying to pass it leaves the circle and the game continues to the next person. The game can be continued to play in rounds until there are only two people left, at which point they are the winners.

New Year's Eve Scavenger Hunt

If you're going to leave your home to play this game, be sure you do it before any imbibing begins. Create a list of New Year's related items or scenarios (like champagne at a grocery store, a couple kissing, a mirror ball, a New Year's party at a bar, or a decorated holiday house) around your town for guests to search for. As your guests arrive, have them pull a number from a jar, which will designate their team number. Once everyone is at the party, announce the beginning of the scavenger hunt and give them a set time frame to find as many items as possible on the list. The team with the most items found (they should take photos as a group with the items or scenarios listed) gets a prize. Alternatively, you can also set up a scavenger hunt in your own home by hiding items before guests arrive.

Hear the New Year Ring

As your guests arrive to your party, hand each of them a certain number of bells. Once all your guests have arrived, explain that the goal of the game is for them to get rid of all their bells by midnight without being caught. The way they accomplish this is by hanging the bells on a clothesline that you have strung up somewhere in your home. If someone sees them or hears one of your guests trying to get rid of their bells, then that guest cannot add their bell to the line and must take a bell that has already been added to the line. Whoever has the least number of bells left by midnight wins.